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Professional practice and development

HPV testing guide for general practice

HPV testing is now the primary cervical screening test in New Zealand, replacing the previous cytology-based test. HPV testing... View Article

September 2023

The COPD prescribing tool for initiating medicines

This tool provides pharmacological treatment options for patients with COPD based on their symptom severity. Choose category... View Article

June 2020

Somatisation: demystifying the “ghost in the machine”

Somatisation is a maladaptive functioning of an organ system, without underlying tissue or organ damage, or where the symptoms... View Article

October 2019

Motivational interviewing in primary care

Motivational Interviewing is a way of building and strengthening people’s drive to change longstanding behaviours that pose a... View Article

September 2019

Could improvement science be the game changer for quality improvement in primary care?

With increasing health care costs, an ageing population, new technologies and DHB budget constraints, the spotlight is increasingly... View Article

June 2017

Oxycodone prescribing: New Zealand solutions to a global problem

Inappropriate prescribing of opioids for non-cancer pain is an international problem. In this article we examine an initiative... View Article

October 2016

Upfront: Tips for prescribing newly-subsidised medicines for patients with COPD

In March, 2016, subsidy changes came into effect for medicines used to treat patients with COPD. The large number of changes created... View Article

August 2016

The COPD prescribing tool

This tool provides pharmacological treatment options for patients with COPD based on their symptom severity. Choose category... View Article

July 2016

Asthma in primary care

Updated asthma guidelines are expected to be released later in 2016. This report provides an update on the treatment of patients... View Article

June 2016

Use the New Zealand Formulary to access patient information leaflets

Patient information leaflets (PILs) are now available from the New Zealand Formulary (NZF). View Article

May 2016

Hazards to Health: e-notification to your Medical Officer of Health

An electronic notification system has been designed for general practices to report cases of disease and injury related to exposure... View Article

May 2016

Oxycodone Update

This report provides an update on the use of oxycodone over the 12 month period from October, 2014 – September, 2015. View Article

March 2016

Using the NZF Interactions Checker

The New Zealand Formulary (NZF) contains a function that identifies potential drug interactions and their clinical significance.... View Article

December 2015

2015 Annual Practice Report - Pharmaceutical Utilisation

This report has been developed to give you an opportunity to reflect on the pharmacological treatment received by patients registered... View Article

November 2015

Upfront: An avoidable death: the importance of communication in clinical care

The following treatment injury case study was prepared by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in conjunction with the... View Article

August 2015

Piles of pills: Prescribing appropriate quantities of medicines

Medicine wastage is a significant problem in New Zealand, with large quantities of subsidised medicines dispensed, but never used.... View Article

August 2015

Bestpractice Decision Support

BPAC Inc is pleased to be able to offer general practices a suite of clinical decision support modules, free-of-charge. These... View Article

August 2015

Factors that can affect laboratory investigations

In 2013 we published an article entitled “Best tests?” (Best Tests 18; Feb, 2013). In this article we challenged clinicians to... View Article

April 2015

The New Zealand Laboratory Schedule and Test Guidelines: Anatomic Pathology Tests

The New Zealand Laboratory Schedule provides clinicians with consistent guidance when considering requesting laboratory tests.... View Article

April 2015

Upfront - End-of-life care for patients with chronic disease: have we made a difference?

In late 2011 we published an article on end-of-life care for patients with respiratory failure, contributed by Professor D. Robin... View Article

March 2015

The “supporting weight management in primary care” programme

The Western Bay of Plenty PHO (WBOPPHO), in conjunction with the University of Auckland, has launched a pilot weight management... View Article

December 2014

Upfront: The latest on IPIF

The aim of the Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework (IPIF) is for DHBs, PHOs, general practice teams and other primary... View Article

December 2014

2014 Annual Practice Report - Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Test Utilisation

This report has been developed to give you an opportunity to reflect on the treatment received by patients registered at your... View Article

December 2014

Exposure to body fluids: keeping the primary healthcare team safe

Providing a safe working environment involves both minimising the risk of transmission of infectious pathogens and dealing with... View Article

November 2014

A review of statin use and monitoring

Statins are one of the most frequently prescribed medicines in New Zealand each year. Alongside lifestyle modifications, statins... View Article

October 2014

Communicating cardiovascular risk effectively

Calculating a patient’s cardiovascular risk is relatively easy; communicating this to patients in a way that assists their decision... View Article

September 2014

Recommendations for good IT management for general practices

General practices are increasingly dependent on their IT systems for managing their patients and their business. Up to date and... View Article

September 2014

Taking responsibility for test results: A discussion

The management of test results, in particular the issue of who is ultimately responsible for following up these results, is at... View Article

August 2014

Oxycodone Update

Since 2011, bpacnz has produced a series of reports and articles on appropriate use of opioids and has urged prescribers to review... View Article

August 2014

Oxycodone: how did we get here and how do we fix it?

Following on from the interview with Dr Jeremy McMinn in the last edition of Best Practice Journal, we examine in more detail... View Article

July 2014

Upfront: The Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework (IPIF): What has changed and how does it affect primary care?

On June 30, 2014, the PHO Performance Programme (PPP) ceased and was replaced with an interim arrangement based on five targets... View Article

July 2014

Upfront: “A disaster in the making”: it’s time to take action against misuse of oxycodone

Dr Jeremy McMinn is a consultant psychiatrist and addiction specialist at Capital & Coast DHB. He is also the Co-Chair of the... View Article

June 2014

Rising antimicrobial resistance

Associate Professor Mark Thomas from the University of Auckland, in conjunction with Dr Alesha Smith and Professor Murray Tilyard... View Article

June 2014

The ankle-brachial pressure index: An under-used tool in primary care?

Calculating a patient’s ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI) is a simple, low-cost and non-invasive way of detecting peripheral... View Article

April 2014

Update on the Adverse Drug Reaction reporting tool

Reporting suspected adverse drug reactions enables the collection of information on the safety and quality of medicines and vaccines... View Article

April 2014

News Updates

Changes to the pneumococcal vaccine for children | Annual update of the New Zealand Health Survey reveals declining smoking rates... View Article

March 2014

2013 Annual Practice Report - Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Test Utilisation

This report has been developed to give you an opportunity to reflect on the treatment received by patients registered at your... View Article

November 2013

The New Zealand Laboratory Schedule and Test Guidelines: What does it mean for general practice?

In October, 2013, a new laboratory test schedule and accompanying referral guidelines were completed and are now available online.... View Article

November 2013

Five tips for getting the most out of your Practice Management System

Your Practice Management System (PMS) is a powerful tool. When used well, consistently and linked to decision support software,... View Article

November 2013

Health literacy plays an important role in boosting cervical screening uptake

Susan Reid and Carla White from health literacy and communication specialists, Workbase, explain how understanding and reducing... View Article

October 2013

Upfront: Is the cupboard bare? The threat of antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest threats to health that we have faced in recent history. As the rate of resistance... View Article

June 2013

Best tests? The general principles of laboratory investigations in primary care

Laboratory tests are essential for the diagnosis and management of many conditions. However, laboratory tests do not provide clinical... View Article

February 2013

Upfront: Recommended vaccinations for primary health care staff

Recommended vaccinations for staff working in primary health care View Article

December 2012

2012 Annual Report - Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Test Utilisation

Welcome to your annual practice report This report has been developed to give you an opportunity to reflect on the treatment received... View Article

November 2012

When and how to use a syringe driver in palliative care

Syringe drivers are often required to provide medicines for symptom management in patients who are terminally ill. They provide... View Article

November 2012

News and updates

New national genetic service launched View Article

October 2012

Upfront: Understanding health literacy

Contributed by Susan Reid and Carla White, Workbase View Article

August 2012

Health literacy: a focus for the Health Quality & Safety Commission

Over half of New Zealand's adult population is believed to have difficulty understanding and interpreting health information.... View Article

November 2011

Medicine safety

Dr Janice Wilson, Health Quality & Safety Commission's Chief Executive, says medicine errors are an ongoing and potentially serious... View Article

September 2011

2011 Annual Report
Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Test Utilisation

This web version is a sample only, all data below the national level has been omitted. View Article

September 2011

Building cultural competence: the Medical Council's direction

The New Zealand Medical Council's approach to cultural competence. View Article

August 2011

The fear of enabling; misuse of prescription medicines

Misuse of prescription opioids is increasing worldwide and many doctors are becoming reluctant to prescribe these medicines for... View Article

June 2011

The role of General Practice in the care of pregnant women

Although most GPs in New Zealand no longer provide lead maternity care services, general practice is encouraged to have a role... View Article

April 2011

Upfront: Antimicrobial resistance - the way forward

In this final article in the series on antimicrobial resistance, we look at the way foward. Lessons learned from international... View Article

February 2011

Overcoming barriers to cervical screening in Pacific women

Cervical screening rates in New Zealand have continued to increase following the introduction of the National Cervical Screening... View Article

November 2010

Promoting healthy lifestyles for Pacific peoples

Ask a Pacific person what a healthy lifestyle means for them and the response will depend on who you are talking to. For young... View Article

November 2010

Pacific health providers

Pacific Health providers in New Zealand first began to emerge in the 1980s. There are now 39 Pacific led health providers throughout... View Article

November 2010

Upfront: Resistance to antimicrobials - an increasing problem in our community

The threat of multiple drug resistant organisms in New Zealand. The first article in a series on antimicrobial resistance. View Article

August 2010

Avoiding medication errors in children

Medication errors may never be completely eliminated, but strategies can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of error occurring.... View Article

July 2010

Upfront: Medical mistakes

Health professionals are human too: Making mistakes in general practice View Article

July 2010

Recognising and managing mental health problems in Māori

Mental health problems are common in Māori, yet there is an unmet need for receiving treatment. Identifying mental health... View Article

June 2010

The Role of the GP

The Role of the GP in Termination of Pregnancy in New Zealand View Article

February 2010

Upfront: Discussing weight loss in general practice

New Zealanders are getting fatter. That’s a fact. When a problem is getting worse, it is time to reassess the methods we are using... View Article

December 2009

Upfront: Waste Not Want Not. Reducing wastage

Deals with the cost of wasted medicines with some practical advice on how to prescribe to help reduce it. View Article

September 2009

Counseling patients through a brand change

Health care professionals have an important role in helping patients understand that generic medicines are as safe and effective... View Article

July 2009

Upfront: The unequal impact of cancer.

Cancer has a significant and disproportionate impact on Māori, with significant disparities in experiences, quality of health... View Article

December 2008

Communicating cardiovascular risk - getting your message across

Many GPs find it difficult to explain CVD risk to their patients. Patients who do not understand about their risk are not motivated... View Article

October 2008

Motivational interviewing

An overview of a technique that can be used to help people make changes in their behaviour. View Article

October 2008

Why you should prescribe generically

Generic prescribing is cost effective, associated with less potential for error and is considered “best practice” in most situations.... View Article

June 2008

Practical solutions for improving Māori health

So what can primary healthcare professionals do about disparities in care for Māori? We have developed a framework that can... View Article

May 2008

Upfront: Diverse realities of Māori

Māori have poorer health outcomes, die younger and have higher rates of chronic disease than other New Zealanders. Reducing... View Article

May 2008

Upfront: Evidence based medicine

The dilemma of practicing evidence based medicine when it keeps changing. View Article

April 2008

Dilemmas: Principles of prescribing for elderly people

Several key principles should be considered when prescribing for elderly people. Quality of life is the most relevant outcome.... View Article

February 2008

Snippets: NSAIDs dextropropoxyphene and antibiotic resistance

Drug information of topical interest View Article

February 2008

A Māori/Pacific nursing service in a mainstream PHO

A PHO shares its experience and outcomes of establishing a unique service targeted at Māori and Pacific patients and whanau. View Article

December 2007

Upfront: The doctor who wasn't

Dr Seuss understood that a message is best received when delivered in a concise and straight forward manner. Feedback from our GPs View Article

December 2007

qi4gp ensuring quality patient care

qi4gp (Quality Information for General Practice) is a ‘grass roots’ initiative with a vision to provide a new information environment... View Article

October 2007

Upfront: The Augmentin-free office

Practical advice on reducing the use of augmentin View Article

August 2007

Counselling patients through a brand change

Advice on counselling patients through a brand change. View Article

March 2007

“What is Māori Patient-Centred Medicine for Pakeha GPs?”

Recently bpacnz programme developer Dr Trevor Walker interviewed Te Aroha GP Dave Colquhoun on the relationship between Pakeha... View Article

October 2006

Upfront: Confronting the conundrum: do you prescribe antibiotics for respiratory tract infections?

The June edition of Best Practice Journal (BPJ 68) was themed as an “Antibiotic Issue”. It is increasingly important that we focus... View Article

September 2015

Upfront - NICE-bpacnz Symposium

Guidelines and Pathways – what role do they have in the United Kingdom and New Zealand health sectors? View Article

April 2015

Introduction: BPJ Generics special edition

Generic drugs are reproductions of the original innovator medicine which are made widely available when a drug’s patent expires.... View Article

July 2009