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Medico-legal issues

The medicinal cannabis guide for pharmacists

The Medicinal Cannabis Scheme provides pathways for registered medical practitioners to prescribe quality medicinal cannabis products... View Article

June 2022

An overview of medicinal cannabis for health practitioners

Recent regulatory changes will make medicinal cannabis much more accessible to patients. As medicinal cannabis is not a focus... View Article

March 2022

Medicinal cannabinoids: current regulations for prescribing

Recent amendments have been made to regulations concerning the prescription of some medicinal cannabis products. For primary care,... View Article

February 2018

Travel consultation essentials: for departures and arrivals

Travel consultations involve assessing the risks that may occur during a journey and helping the traveller minimise them. This... View Article

December 2015

Taking responsibility for test results: A discussion

The management of test results, in particular the issue of who is ultimately responsible for following up these results, is at... View Article

August 2014

The elite athlete-patient: a fresh clinical challenge

Associate Professor David Gerrard is a sports physician at the Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago. He gives an insight... View Article

October 2013

Upfront: Unapproved medicines and unapproved uses of medicines: keeping prescribers and patients safe

An approved medicine is a medicine which has been through a regulatory process in New Zealand and can be considered safe to prescribe,... View Article

March 2013

New service model for community pharmacy

PHARMAC announces changes to dispensing frequency rules in line with new pharmacy services to support patients' medicines adherence... View Article

August 2012

Update on oxycodone: what can primary care do about the problem?

The volume of oxycodone prescribed in New Zealand is continuing to rise, despite efforts to encourage clinicians to use this medicine... View Article

May 2012

News in brief: Dabigatran; Antibiotics and COC; Prescription kitchen

Dabigatran to be listed | Most broad spectrum antibiotics do not affect the combined oral contraceptive | Prescription kitchen View Article

June 2011

Contraception in early adolescence

Young people are having sex. Advice about sexual health and contraception should be considered for all adolescents, including... View Article

April 2011

News in brief

This article has been archived. If you would like access to the original article please contact: editor@bpac.org.nz View Article

February 2011

Practice snippets

This article has been archived. If you would like access to the original article please contact: editor@bpac.org.nz View Article

March 2010

Termination Law In New Zealand

The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977 and the Crimes Act 1961 (amendments 1977 & 1978) are the basis for the... View Article

February 2010

Snippets: Nicotinic acid Fosamax Plus & Genetic testing

Nicotinic acid/laropiprant (Tredaptive) ▪ Fosamax Plus ▪ Direct-to-consumer genetic testing View Article

November 2009

Immunisation update

Recent changes to the immunisation schedule include a new pneumococcal vaccine for infants, introduction of the High Risk Pneumococcal... View Article

June 2009

Video interviews: Generics

We interviewed experts, regulators and clinicians about generic medicines and medication brand change. You can view extracts from... View Article

April 2009

Upfront: New hope for genetic disorders: pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) represents the latest technology in genetic testing. However it also opens up an ethical... View Article

February 2009

Removal of isotretinoin prescriber restrictions

This article has been archived. If you would like access to the original article please contact: editor@bpac.org.nz View Article

February 2009

Widened access to fentanyl patches

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid which is available as a transdermal patch. This allows controlled delivery of the drug for up to... View Article

September 2008

Snippets: Varenicline & Smoking

Varenicline and suicidal behaviour. Wider access to quit cards.The lung age of smokers. View Article

May 2008

Specialist prescribing restrictions removed for some topical eye treatments

Advice on the primary care role for initiating and monitoring topical eye treatments following the removal of some specialist... View Article

October 2007

Lumiracoxib linked to deaths in Australia

Medsafe have just announced that approval for lumiracoxib (Prexige) 400 mg tablets has been revoked in New Zealand. This follows... View Article

September 2007

Upfront: Direct to Consumer Advertising

Direct to Consumer Advertising In New Zealand.Is the end in sight? View Article

December 2006