Managing gout in primary care

Part 1 - Talking about gout: time for a re-think

Gout is a treatable form of arthritis that is associated with poor health and reduced life expectancy. Too often, gout management is focused on controlling the patient’s symptoms while their risk of irreversible joint damage and negative health outcomes continues to grow.

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Managing gout in primary care

Part 2 - Controlling gout with long-term urate-lowering treatment

Urate-lowering medicines should be considered and discussed with patients with gout from the first presentation.

Zostavax vaccine: now fully subsidised Updated

Zostavax is a herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine that will become fully subsidised from 1 April, 2018 for people aged 65 years. For a period of two years, people aged 66 to 80 years can also receive a fully funded catch-up vaccination.

Seasonal influenza vaccination: update for 2018

Two subsidised seasonal influenza vaccines, Influvac Tetra (for adults and children aged three years and over) and Fluarix Tetra (for children aged six months to three years), are expected to be available from early April.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors: a new cancer treatment

Immune checkpoint inhibitors, such as pembrolizumab (Keytruda), are new cancer treatments which are associated with a wide range of immune-related adverse effects. These mostly occur during treatment but can occur months to years after treatment starts.

Prescribing gabapentin and pregabalin: upcoming subsidy changes

From 1 May, 2018, pregabalin will be available to prescribe, fully subsidised. From 1 June, 2018, prescribing restrictions...

Selected topics in acute pain management for primary care

There are a multitude of causes of acute pain, however, the approach to management will often be...

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