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The Best Practice Advocacy Centre New Zealand (bpacnz) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. Our role is to deliver educational and continuing professional development programmes to medical practitioners and other health professional groups throughout New Zealand.

bpacnz advocates for best practice in healthcare treatments and investigations across a wide range of health service delivery areas, and we are recognised nationally and internationally for our expertise and innovation.

Kia hanahana ai te tīwhanawhana a Kahukura i te rangi
Let the arch of the rainbow glisten

Our History

bpacnz was established in Dunedin in 2003 to disseminate and communicate “best practice” evidence to General Practitioners throughout New Zealand. Since this time, bpacnz has held contracts for nationwide programmes with PHARMAC, DHB Shared Services (formerly DHBNZ), Ministry of Health, individual DHBs and PHOs and other healthcare organisations. These programmes have included responsible use of pharmaceuticals, laboratory testing to improve clinical practice and support of the PHO Performance Programme. bpacnz is also a leading provider of Continuing Professional Development resources for health professionals in New Zealand.

bpacnz has six shareholders:

Our People

The bpacnz publications division currently employs staff members within the following teams:

  • Medical writing, editing and review
  • Report development, data analysis and evaluation
  • Design and web development
  • Management and administration

Professor Murray Tilyard BSc, MBChB, DipObst, MD (Otago), FRNZCGP (Dist)

Editor-in-Chief, Executive Director and CEO, bpacnz

Professor Tilyard graduated in 1980 and entered into General Practice in 1985. He became a member of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in 1990. He gained his Doctorate in Medicine Degree in 1995, was made a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in 1996 and received a Distinguished Fellowship in 2006. He is currently a Professor of General Practice, at the Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago. His research interests are in general practice, health services utilisation, medical informatics, diabetes and chronic disease management. He has published over 100 papers in refereed journals.

Professor Tilyard is an Executive Director and CEO of bpacnz. He is also Executive Director of BPAC Inc, a not for profit organisation that has developed a decision support tool for general practice. This tool allows a guided approach (specialist opinion provided by the system) to important health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease renal failure, skin cancer, atrial fibrillation, childhood obesity and many others. In addition, Professor Tilyard works in his own private practice in Dunedin.

Rebecca Harris BSc, MSc (Distinction) (Otago)

Editor & Publications Manager

Rebecca has worked at bpacnz as a researcher and medical writer for over ten years, formally undertaking the role of Editor in 2010. Rebecca provides editorial oversight for all written material produced at bpacnz, including Best Practice Journal, online content and other publications. In addition, she liaises with specialist expert reviewers, develops clinical content for these publications and co-ordinates production and design.

Rebecca has a background in general practice research, having worked for several years in the RNZCGP Research Unit at the Department of General Practice, Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago. During this time Rebecca published multiple papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented general practice research at both national and international conferences, including the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG). Rebecca has also worked as a Poisons Information Officer at the National Poisons Centre, providing acute management advice to health professionals and members of the public, and developing material for a national toxicology database. Rebecca is a member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association.

Mark Caswell BSc (Hons First Class)

Medical Writer

Mark joined bpacnz in 2011. His role is to research and write educational resources for bpacnz publications. Mark has been a member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association (AMWA) since 2013 and in 2016 he became an AMWA executive committee member.

Previously, Mark worked at the University of Otago regulating the use of medicines in biomedical research. Mark also spent time researching the neurobiology of Alzheimer’s disease at the University of Melbourne. He has published in peer-reviewed journals and has an interest in creative writing.

Dr Papillon Gustafson BSc (Hons First Class), PhD (University of Otago)

Medical Writer

Papi joined the bpacnz medical writing team in 2018. Her role is to research and write articles for bpacnz publications. Previously, Papi worked at the University of Otago as a postdoctoral research fellow. Papi completed her doctoral research at the University of Otago in neuroendocrinology in 2016, working on the hormonal regulation of stress during pregnancy and lactation. Papi has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and provided teaching support in a variety of health sciences courses, including neurobiology and reproductive biology.

Dr Adrian Patterson BSc (Hons First Class), PhD (University of Otago)

Medical Writer

Adrian joined the bpacnz publications team in 2018 after gaining experience in medical writing. He had previously completed his doctoral studies at the University of Otago in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, where his research focused on the mechanisms controlling a form of bacterial adaptive immunity known as CRISPR-Cas. Adrian has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and has a passion for communicating unbiased and concise healthcare information.

Associate Professor Jim Reid MB ChB DipObst(Otago) FRNZCGP FCCP(USA) MPS

Medical Advisor

Jim graduated in medicine at the University of Otago, after previously training as a pharmacist. He undertook his postgraduate work at the University of Miami in Florida. Jim is the Deputy Dean of the Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago. He also has a private medical practice in Dunedin. Jim has a special interest in Respiratory Medicine and has published widely in asthma and COPD. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians and a member of the Medical Advisory Panel of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand. In addition to Jim’s part-time role as a clinical advisor for the bpacnz Publications Team, he is also a member of the bpacnz Board of Directors.

Dr Sharyn Willis BSc(Hons), MBChB (Otago), Dip Obst (Distinction)

Medical Advisor

Dr Willis has worked for bpacnz since 2007, as a General Practice clinical advisor to the publications team, and a medical writer. Her role is to provide clinical oversight and to assist in developing clinical content for bpacnz publications. Sharyn also takes a lead role in the development of continuing medical education resources, including clinical audits, for General Practitioners.

Sharyn has over 20 years experience as a General Practitioner. She worked full-time in her own practice for ten years and since joining bpacnz has continued to work part-time in a local general practice. Sharyn has previous experience in teaching as a clinical tutor for medical students in her own practice and as a tutor in the Department of General Practice at the University of Otago. She has co-authored research publications and has provided general practice support for research projects with Professor Jim Mann in the Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago.

David Woods BSc(Hons) MPharm FRPharmS FPS FHPA

Advisor (Pharmacy and Pharmacology)

David is a consultant pharmacist and Professional Practice Fellow (School of Pharmacy, University of Otago) with a background in academia, paediatric pharmacotherapy and medicines information. He has been involved in teaching evidence based practice and rational drug use for over 30 years at the University of Otago and for other national and international bodies. David has worked on numerous national and international projects involving safe and effective drug use, including consultancies with WHO, USAID and the World Bank, and voluntary projects in resource poor settings. He managed the initial delivery of the New Zealand Formulary (NZF) and New Zealand Formulary for Children.

Justine Broadley BCom, PGDip Sci (Otago)

Senior Data Analyst

Justine has a long history with bpacnz, having begun with the organisation in 2000. She has a degree in Information Science from the University of Otago.

Justine’s role at bpacnz is to analyse data from the Pharmaceutical Dispensing Data Warehouse (Pharmhouse database) and to produce individual reports for general practitioners and other organisations such as PHOs and DHBs. This entails having a thorough knowledge of the data in the Ministry of Health Pharmaceuticals Claims and Laboratory testing databases, and the ability to interpret data requirements in order to produce reports. In addition to report writing, Justine analyses data to produce meaningful information to supplement bpacnz’s clinical programmes.

Justine has had extensive training in Business Objects to facilitate the extraction of data from the Pharmhouse and to produce individualised reports.

Michael Crawford BSc (Hons) (Otago)

Graphic designer

Michael began working at bpacnz as a graphic designer, in November, 2007. His main role is design and layout of all bpacnz print publications, including Best Practice Journal and Best Tests. Michael also provides design expertise for the bpacnz website and various other bpacnz projects, as well as illustration and photography as required.

Michael previously worked as a Multimedia and Computer Assisted Learning Consultant for the University of Otago (1999-2007) where he assisted with the production of a wide range of teaching and learning support material for University course work.

Ben King

Web designer/developer

Ben started with bpacnz in January, 2013 to take on the role of completing a new-look website. Since then, the website has continued to evolve with new features, user experience enhancements and mobile optimisation. The site continues to grow in popularity and size with over 3.6 million visits in the last year. Ben also works on a variety of other websites for bpacnz and our partner organisations.

Ben has 15 years experience as a web designer/developer: “I love the evolution of the web industry, how far it has come, and how the learning curve never stops.”

Kaye Baldwin

Corporate Manager

Kaye has worked for BPAC since its initial instigation in 1997. Key aspects of her current role as Corporate Manager include; human resources, financial/accounts, contracts and quarterly reporting, Board Secretary, governance, CLAG coordination.

Lee Cameron BA (Otago)

Administrative and Research Assistant

Lee joined bpacnz in 2013 to provide support to the management and publication teams. Lee is the initial point of contact for all enquiries to bpacnz and, among other roles, he manages the publications mailing database.

Lee has a background in hospitality and customer service and has done some travelling prior to taking up his role with our organisation.

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