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Hepatitis B: treatments now available for primary care

Tenofovir disoproxil and entecavir are once daily oral antiviral medicines, recommended as first-line treatments for patients... View Article

August 2018

Hepatitis C: you can’t treat it if you don’t test for it

Approximately half of people with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in New Zealand are unaware they have it. New medicines, known... View Article

August 2017

Treatment of hepatitis C (HCV) has changed

Three new oral medicine regimens for the treatment of hepatitis C, known as directly acting antivirals (DAAs), are fully subsidised... View Article

September 2016


A guide focusing on some of the situations GPs face in day-to-day practice with practical advice for initial testing. View Article

July 2009

Best tests: Liver function testing

A summary of Liver function testing in primary care including:
• Questionaires are better then blood tests when screening for...
View Article

August 2007

Liver Function Testing in primary care

A consensus document, with expert involvement designed to provide guidance for primary care clinicians in the use of liver function... View Article

July 2007