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Health informatics

Revisiting opioid use in New Zealand: how does your prescribing compare?

Opioids can be effective for relieving moderate to severe acute pain but carry a significant risk of harm with longer periods... View Article

October 2023

Revisiting opioid use in New Zealand: how does your prescribing compare?

Opioids can be effective for relieving moderate to severe acute pain but carry a significant risk of harm with longer periods... View Article

December 2022

Upfront: Personal technology for health: curiosity or clinically useful?

There are approximately 165,000 health “apps” currently on the market for mobile phone users. A health app is an application that... View Article

December 2015

2015 Annual Practice Report - Pharmaceutical Utilisation

This report has been developed to give you an opportunity to reflect on the pharmacological treatment received by patients registered... View Article

November 2015

Bestpractice Decision Support

BPAC Inc is pleased to be able to offer general practices a suite of clinical decision support modules, free-of-charge. These... View Article

August 2015

A review of statin use and monitoring

Statins are one of the most frequently prescribed medicines in New Zealand each year. Alongside lifestyle modifications, statins... View Article

October 2014

Recommendations for good IT management for general practices

General practices are increasingly dependent on their IT systems for managing their patients and their business. Up to date and... View Article

September 2014

Rising antimicrobial resistance

Associate Professor Mark Thomas from the University of Auckland, in conjunction with Dr Alesha Smith and Professor Murray Tilyard... View Article

June 2014

News Updates

Changes to the pneumococcal vaccine for children | Annual update of the New Zealand Health Survey reveals declining smoking rates... View Article

March 2014

Five tips for getting the most out of your Practice Management System

Your Practice Management System (PMS) is a powerful tool. When used well, consistently and linked to decision support software,... View Article

November 2013

Laboratory testing for isotretinoin

Oral isotretinoin is a highly effective treatment for severe acne, however it is associated with a number of adverse effects,... View Article

June 2013

Which test should I use to diagnose type 2 diabetes?

This report presents how testing for diabetes has changed since the recommendations were published. Patients with diagnosed diabetes... View Article

December 2012

Polypharmacy in people aged over 75 years

This report focuses on continuous polypharmacy, which is the chronic use of multiple medicines over a long period of time. View Article

October 2012

Reports have changed

Copy of the letter announcing the changes made to prescribing and laboratory testing data reports. View Article

September 2012

Disparities in the use of medicines for Māori

Recent research into the use of medicines in New Zealand has revealed major differences in the number of prescriptions dispensed... View Article

August 2012

Monitoring diabetes in people over 75

In the March 2012 issue of Best Tests, bpacnz published an article discussing testing for CVD, diabetes and renal disease in elderly... View Article

July 2012

Oxycodone update

In June 2011, bpacnz produced a report on oxycodone dispensing which urged prescribers to review their use of oxycodone. Oxycodone... View Article

May 2012

Oxycodone Prescribing

Examines oxycodone prescribing compared to that of morphine. View Article

June 2011

Introducing the Health Quality & Safety Commission

The aim of the Health Quality & Safety Commission is to work with clinicians and health managers to support and encourage... View Article

June 2011

Best Practice Survey Results

In November 2009 bpacnz surveyed 6700 general practitioners, practice nurses and pharmacists who receive bpacnz material. The... View Article

June 2010

Upfront: Results from the 2009 bpacnz survey

A SINCERE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the end of year bpacnz survey. We had an overwhelming response (over 1500 responses... View Article

March 2010

One Heart Many Lives

He manawa takitahi, he iwi takitini “One Heart Many Lives” is a social marketing campaign that was developed to promote... View Article

July 2009

Monitoring of generic medicines and brand changes

Dr Michael Tatley of CARM advises on how brand changes are monitored. View Article

July 2009

Sexually transmitted infections in New Zealand

Chlamydia remains the most commonly diagnosed STI in New Zealand, according to the annual STI Surveillance Report. Although not... View Article

February 2009

The science behind lifestyle risk factors for cardiovascular disease

When advice is provided to patients about reducing cardiovascular risk, lifestyle advice is usually discussed first. The mechanisms... View Article

December 2008

Assessing cardiovascular disease risk

New PHO Performance indicators announced. GPs experiences of cardiovascular risk assessment. Finding the best approach to CVD... View Article

October 2008

Disparities in care

Data shows that Māori have a greater burden of illness, yet receive less healthcare. Training in cultural competency and... View Article

May 2008

Making Ethnicity Data Count

Knowing ethnicity allows us to have a more comprehensive and complete understanding of peoples' health experiences and is an important... View Article

October 2007

Remembering respiratory infections

Revisits the main points of our respiratory infections campaign with feedback on its impact and discusses the question ‘Is... View Article

May 2007

NNT - Eases understanding of evidence

The number needed to treat (NNT) for an intervention outlines for clinicians the likelihood that the intervention will benefit... View Article

December 2006

Ischaemic cardiovascular disease

The purpose of the PHO Performance Programme is to reduce disparities and improve health outcomes for all people using primary... View Article

June 2011