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A general approach to managing infected wounds and when to remove sutures View Article

August 2016


How do we define valvular heart disease when considering warfarin or dabigatran in patients with atrial fibrillation? | Medical... View Article

May 2016


Installing the NZF icon on the Medtech toolbar | Can urine dipstick be used to “rule-out” kidney disease in patients with mildly... View Article

March 2016

Correspondence: HbA1c testing; Accessing echocardiography; Intramuscular injections

The role of confirmatory HbA1c testing in diagnosing type 2 diabetes | The difficulties of accessing echocardiography in patients... View Article

December 2015

Correspondence: Sore throat; Cellulitis; Melatonin in practice

Should antibiotics be continued for a sore throat if GAS negative? | Is co-trimoxazole an appropriate treatment for cellulitis?... View Article

October 2015

Correspondence: Treating GAS; Does tart cherry help with sleep?

Treating GAS to reduce transmission to a vulnerable community | Does tart cherry help with sleep? View Article

September 2015

Correspondence: Opioid prescribing; Parkinson’s disease

Quality indicators for opioid prescribing | Early treatment in Parkinson’s disease View Article

April 2015

Correspondence: Bone health; Infant formula; Oxycodone

Feedback from the field - Bone health | Infant formula for cows’ milk protein allergy | Oxycodone View Article

October 2014

Correspondence: Oxycodone; Morphine formulations; Patients expectations

What are the real reasons behind the use of oxycodone? | Were problems with morphine formulations a factor in the uptake of oxycodone?... View Article

September 2014

Correspondence: prescribing restrictions for oxycodone; Re-infection with H. pylori

Are prescribing restrictions for oxycodone appropriate? | Re-infection with H. pylori does occur | View Article

July 2014

Correspondence: Allopurinol dosing; Management of pain

Allopurinol dosing in renal impairment | Non-pharmacological management of pain View Article

June 2014

Correspondence: Metronidazole for giardiasis; Home-made oral rehydration solution

Treatment duration of metronidazole for giardiasis | Formula for home-made oral rehydration solution View Article

April 2014

Correspondence: Clinical indications; Iron infusions; Link between; Authorship; Year in review

Clinical indications on prescriptions | Iron infusions in general practice | Link between irritable bowel syndrome and restless... View Article

March 2014

Correspondence: Prescribing salbutamol; Are two vaccinators better than one?

Prescribing salbutamol and oral corticosteroids in a child with wheeze | Are two vaccinators better than one? View Article

February 2014

Correspondence: CoQ10; Betaloc CR

Letters received from our readers:Could I have some CoQ10 please?Betaloc CR change View Article

October 2007

Correspondence: Microalbuminuria; Paracetamol; Diabetes tests

Microalbuminuria screen in patients on an ACE | Paracetamol in infants less than 2 months of age | Frequency of testing in patients... View Article

August 2007