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Occupational medicine

Accelerated silicosis: diagnosis of an occupational disease

Accelerated silicosis has recently emerged as a serious occupational health condition mainly affecting people working with artificial... View Article

December 2023

Childhood poisonings: hazardous substances around the home

The natural curiosity of young children about their surroundings can sometimes lead to unintentional exposures to hazardous substances... View Article

November 2022

Lead absorption notification levels have reduced

On 9 April, 2021, the level at which lead absorption becomes a notifiable condition was reduced to 0.24 micromol/L – half the... View Article

June 2021

Carbon monoxide poisoning: a hidden danger

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas. People exposed to high levels are likely to require emergency management.... View Article

October 2019

Hazards to Health: e-notification to your Medical Officer of Health

An electronic notification system has been designed for general practices to report cases of disease and injury related to exposure... View Article

May 2016

Exposure to body fluids: keeping the primary healthcare team safe

Providing a safe working environment involves both minimising the risk of transmission of infectious pathogens and dealing with... View Article

November 2014

Rural infections series: Rural round up

In the final instalment of the rural series we present a round-up of infections that may be seen in patients living in, working... View Article

May 2014

Contact dermatitis: a “working” diagnosis

Contributed by: Dr Lissa Judd, Occupational Dermatologist, Wellington View Article

April 2014

Rural infections series: Investigating and managing people with diarrhoea

Campylobacter, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and Giardia cause diarrhoeal illnesses in thousands of people annually in New Zealand.... View Article

February 2014

Assessing and managing workplace exposure to chemicals

Contributed by Dr Chris Walls, Occupational Physician, Auckland View Article

February 2014

Hazardous substances series: Pyrethroid toxicity and its management

Contributed by Dr Michael Beasley and Dr Wayne Temple, National Poisons Centre View Article

December 2013

Rural infections series: Leptospirosis

This article is the first in a series addressing the diagnosis and management of infections that predominantly occur in people... View Article

November 2013

Investigating mercury toxicity

Although there are many potential sources of exposure to mercury and its compounds, most people can be reassured that they are... View Article

November 2010

Driving rules and assessment for older people

The incidence of medical conditions that can affect safe driving increases with age. Older people should be regularly assessed... View Article

March 2010