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Seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations: 2024 edition

The Influenza Immunisation Programme has begun for the 2024 season. Influvac® Tetra is the sole funded influenza vaccine for... View Article

April 2024

MMR vaccination remains a priority

Measles, mumps and rubella are vaccine-preventable causes of significant morbidity and mortality (particularly for measles), that... View Article

December 2021

The influenza immunisation programme is starting early in 2020

This year’s influenza immunisation programme has the earlier start date of 18th March, 2020, for people eligible for funded vaccines.... View Article

March 2020

HPV vaccination: getting the programme back on track

Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection provides safe and effective protection from genital warts, most cervical... View Article

March 2019

Seasonal influenza vaccination: update for 2018

Two subsidised seasonal influenza vaccines, Influvac Tetra (for adults and children aged three years and over) and Fluarix Tetra... View Article

March 2018

Seasonal influenza vaccination update: 2017

Immunisation against influenza has begun for the 2017 season. Influvac is the sole subsidised influenza vaccine in 2017. Influvac... View Article

March 2017

Access to HPV vaccine widened

The human papillomavirus virus (HPV) vaccine reduces the incidence of HPV-related diseases, including genital warts and cervical... View Article

November 2016

Influenza Update 2016

Immunisation against influenza has begun for the 2016 season. Fluarix and Influvac remain the two subsidised influenza vaccines... View Article

April 2016

Travel consultation essentials: for departures and arrivals

Travel consultations involve assessing the risks that may occur during a journey and helping the traveller minimise them. This... View Article

December 2015

An HPV update: vaccination coverage needs to be improved

Vaccination against human papillomaviruses (HPV) is fully subsidised for girls and young women to reduce their risk of cervical... View Article

October 2015

News Update: Pertussis vaccine now subsidised for all pregnant women

Changes to the funding criteria for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (Tdap) vaccine (Boostrix) came into effect on 1 August,... View Article

August 2015

Prevention is better than cure: five tips for keeping older people healthy and out of hospital during winter

With winter upon us it is a timely reminder of the importance of implementing strategies to keep older people healthy, independent... View Article

June 2015

Seasonal influenza vaccines are now available

The Ministry of Health has announced that the first shipments of the two subsidised seasonal influenza vaccines for 2015, Influvac... View Article

April 2015

Measles: what to be aware of during an outbreak

The current measles outbreak in New Zealand highlights the importance of maintaining high measles mumps and rubella (MMR) immunisation... View Article

September 2014

Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule: rotavirus vaccine now added

This article has been archived. If you would like access to the original article please contact: editor@bpac.org.nz View Article

June 2014

Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy

New Zealand is slowly emerging from its most recent outbreak of pertussis. The highest-risk period for pertussis in infants is... View Article

April 2014

Seasonal influenza vaccination: 2014 update

The vaccine for the 2014 influenza season is now available. This year, the vaccine has been updated with two new strains, as well... View Article

March 2014

H1N1 influenza vaccination and the risk of childhood narcolepsy

IN MARCH, 2012 A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in the rate of childhood narcolepsy associated with the influenza vaccine Pandemrix (GlaxoSmithKline)... View Article

April 2013

Pertussis: halting the epidemic by protecting infants

Infants who have not yet completed the National Immunisation Schedule and children who are not immunised, or only partially immunised,... View Article

March 2013

The 2013 influenza season: new strains, new vaccines

The dominant influenza virus to circulate in New Zealand this “flu season” is likely to be an A(H3N2) virus, similar to the virus... View Article

March 2013

Upfront: Recommended vaccinations for primary health care staff

Recommended vaccinations for staff working in primary health care View Article

December 2012

Pertussis: an avoidable epidemic

This article is out of date. Please see: Pertussis: halting the epidemic by protecting infants for updated information New... View Article

August 2012

How to plan a catch-up immunisation

Although immunisation rates among Māori and Pacific peoples continue to increase, there is still room for improvement, as... View Article

August 2012

Seasonal influenza vaccinations: the 2012 edition

The 2012 seasonal influenza vaccine contains the same strains as in previous years, however, annual vaccination is still necessary.... View Article

April 2012

The HPV vaccination programme: addressing low uptake

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was added to the national immunisation schedule in 2008 for females aged 12 years. The... View Article

April 2012

PHO Performance Programme - six years on

The PHO Performance Programme was established in 2005 to improve the health of people enrolled in general practices in New Zealand... View Article

December 2011

Providing medical advice to travellers

New Zealanders love to travel. It is important that travellers visit their general practice (or travel medicine clinic) at least... View Article

December 2011

Pneumococcal vaccine for adults: Pneumovax23

Invasive pneumococcal disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae can result in life-threatening pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia.... View Article

April 2011

Seasonal influenza vaccination: changes for 2011

The seasonal influenza vaccine for 2011 protects against the same virus strains as in 2010. However, people who were vaccinated... View Article

April 2011

Immunisation in Pacific children: a success story

Childhood immunisation plays an important role in the health of children, their families and the wider population. View Article

November 2010

Immunisation in children by age two years

An important focus of the PHO Performance Programme is to ensure that all children in New Zealand are receiving their necessary... View Article

July 2010

Influenza immunisation programme

Important changes to the 2010 influenza immunisation programme View Article

April 2010

Snippets: Aspirin for CVD & Paracetamol post-vaccination

Should aspirin still be used for primary prevention of cardiovascular desease? Reconsider paracetamol use post-vaccination View Article

December 2009

Immunisation update

Recent changes to the immunisation schedule include a new pneumococcal vaccine for infants, introduction of the High Risk Pneumococcal... View Article

June 2009

Influenza vaccine

Influenza is a highly infectious acute respiratory disease. Influenza vaccination is the most effective protection. The vaccine... View Article

April 2009

Gardasil vaccine: Update

Gardasil vaccine has now been added to the National Immunisation Schedule. In this article we outline the eligibility criteria... View Article

December 2008

HPV vaccines: An overview

Dr Nikki Turner is the Director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre. Here she provides us with an overview of the two currently... View Article

April 2008

Fighting immunisation preventable disease in primary care

In New Zealand, the immunisation programme has eliminated polio and controlled tetanus and diptheria. However, disease persists,... View Article

May 2007

Upfront: Infectious disease patterns a major concern

An Interview with Professor Diana Lennon on infectious disease patterns. View Article

May 2007