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Ear, nose and throat

Tinnitus: the sound of silence

Tinnitus is heterogenous in both its presentation and its causes. It can be frustrating for patients and clinicians as there is... View Article

February 2023

Otitis media: a common childhood illness

Acute otitis media is the most common reason why children in primary care are prescribed antibiotics, despite guidance recommending... View Article

April 2022

Sick and tired of being tired and sick: laboratory investigation of glandular fever

Glandular fever (infectious mononucleosis) is a common, potentially debilitating illness that is most frequently seen in adolescents... View Article

October 2012

Silencing tinnitus

Tinnitus is the perception of sound within the ear or head, without a corresponding external stimulus for that sound. It is a... View Article

October 2012

Otitis media: a common childhood illness

This article has been replaced with an updated version. View new article View Article

September 2012

A delicate balance: managing vertigo in general practice

Vertigo is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Although usually benign, vertigo can be a symptom of a significant underlying problem.... View Article

September 2012