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Genitourinary system (male)

Prostatitis: diagnosis and management in primary care

Prostatitis is the collective term for four distinct clinical conditions. Primary care clinicians are likely to be most familiar... View Article

September 2023

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) – an overview of lower UTI management in adults

Lower urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common community-acquired infections, with more than half of all females... View Article

December 2021

National report: Testing for prostate cancer in primary care

This report provides an overview of laboratory prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing in primary care to facilitate reflection,... View Article

July 2020

Testing for prostate cancer: helping patients to decide

Testing for prostate cancer is a difficult issue as many prostate cancers are low risk and do not necessarily result in adverse... View Article

February 2020

Kupe from the Medtech tool bar

Kupe is freely available on the web and we would also like to make it available for general practitioners and practice nurses... View Article

May 2018

Prostate cancer testing decision support tool for patients and their families

Discussing the pros and cons of prostate cancer testing within a consultation can be challenging. To help General Practitioners... View Article

April 2018

An update on the use of nitrofurantoin in patients with renal impairment

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom (UK) have updated their guidance to allow... View Article

October 2015

Prescribing testosterone in ageing males: why you shouldn’t read this article

Testosterone supplementation may be an appropriate treatment for males with clinical features of androgen deficiency and early... View Article

August 2015

A pragmatic guide to asymptomatic bacteriuria and testing for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in people aged over 65 years

Asymptomatic bacteriuria and urinary tract infections (UTIs) frequently occur in people aged over 65 years. Bacteriuria in older... View Article

July 2015

Managing patients with renal colic in primary care: Know when to hold them

Approximately one in ten people will be affected by renal colic at some stage in their life. Patients with red flags should be... View Article

April 2014

Urinary incontinence in adults

Managing urinary incontinence goes beyond just treating the medical condition. For the patient, the social and psychological impact... View Article

October 2013

Interpreting urine dipstick tests in adults: a reference guide for primary care

A urine dipstick positive for haematuria or proteinuria is a relatively common occurrence in primary care. For many patients there... View Article

June 2013

A “how-to guide” for a sexual health check-up

Good sexual health is about achieving both physical and psychological wellbeing, free from disease, coercion or abuse. Reaching... View Article

April 2013

Following up prostate cancer in primary care

Cancer services in New Zealand are undergoing major changes over the next few years. Primary care clinicians are likely to have... View Article

October 2012

Managing urinary tract infections in children

Although relatively uncommon in children, urinary tract infection (UTI) should be considered when assessing a young child with... View Article

May 2012

Norfloxacin Prescribing Update

Looks at Norfloxacin prescribing for urinary tract infections. View Article

May 2011

Selected topics in Men’s health

Erectile dysfunction | Gynaecomastia | Late-onset hypogonadism | Delayed puberty in males View Article

September 2010

Quinolone prescribing

Data report on quinolone prescribing, national data only. View Article

July 2010

PSA screening in asymptomatic men

Prostate cancer screening in asymptomatic men is a controversial public health issue generating much debate with polarised views... View Article

July 2010

Lets talk about sex

There are many reasons why sexual health is not discussed during a general practice consultation, such as lack of time and possible... View Article

April 2009

Treatment of sexually transmitted and other genital infections

A summary of pharmacological treatment and management of common sexually transmitted and other genital infections including chlamydia,... View Article

April 2009

Sexually transmitted infections - what testing is needed and when?

This article provides an overview of some infections affecting the genital area, including some non-sexually transmitted infections.... View Article

March 2009

Testing for STIs - four case scenarios

A series of four case studies that illustrate the importance of patient history and background when testing for STIs. View Article

March 2009

Sexually transmitted infections in New Zealand

Chlamydia remains the most commonly diagnosed STI in New Zealand, according to the annual STI Surveillance Report. Although not... View Article

February 2009

Imiquimod cream (Aldara) for genital warts and basal cell carcinoma

Imiquimod enhances the immune response to viral infections and tumours by stimulating the immune system to release interferon... View Article

September 2008

The investigation and management of nocturnal enuresis

Nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, is a common condition which children usually grow out of. Advice to parents on simple behavioural... View Article

June 2008

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder that affects many New Zealand men, with both organic and psychogenic causes. Persistent... View Article

April 2008

Snippets: Drug information of topical interest

• Calcium Supplementation and the risk of myocardial infarction
• Use of eGFR for drug dose adjustment
• Compulsive gambling...
View Article

December 2007

Laboratory investigation of UTI

For up to date recommendations for antibiotic choice for UTI, refer to the Antibiotics Guide . This resource focuses on the... View Article

July 2006