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Resources for getting started

The NZF offers several downloadable resources for understanding how to use the formulary and for teaching others. These are available from:

Getting started

Although the NZF has been developed to be logical and intuitive for users, a few minutes spent finding out more about its features will enhance your ability to find the information you seek within the website.

Enter and click on "User Information".

Tutorial videos

The full NZF tutorial video plays for approximately 12 minutes. Shorter video excerpts show examples of how to search and navigate within the online NZF, how monographs are laid out and how to use the interactions function for best results.

Before viewing the tutorial video, ensure there is a video player programme installed on the computer/device you are using. The video can be expanded to fill the screen by clicking on the white arrows at the top right corner of the black side bar strip.

The "Guidance on medicines use" section at the front of the formulary is also explained in the tutorial. This section contains expert-reviewed, general and specialised information under headings such as:

  • Drugs in sport
  • Excipients
  • Māori health
  • Drugs and driving
  • Prescribing in dental practice
  • Prescribing in hepatic impairment

Links to websites of New Zealand healthcare groups and professional organisations, and regulatory websites also appear in this section and throughout the NZF.

The section titled "Calculators" enables you to enter specific patient information to calculate body mass index, body surface area, creatinine clearance, height conversion (feet to metres) and pregnancy due dates.

Presentation slides for users

The NZF tutorial slide show presents the main features of the NZF website in a format that can be viewed at the users own pace with simple, clear instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A look at "Frequently asked questions" is a quick way of learning about some very useful features of the NZF, e.g. how to install the NZF icon on your MedTech Toolbar.

A commonly asked question is: When will there be an NZF app? The NZF team are currently investigating the development of an iPhone/iPad and android portable application.

In the meantime, the NZF eBook can be used on mobile devices. An eBook can be downloaded from the opening page of the NZF website. It is important to register to receive notifications of e-book updates.

Internet Explorer Compatibility

Some issues with display of the left hand navigation menu have been reported for older Internet Explorer browsers. This issue is being investigated and a solution is being developed. If you are using an IE6, IE7 or IE8 browser and experiencing issues please consider upgrading to a later version of Internet Explorer or an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Feedback to the NZF

Feedback is monitored daily and all suggestions for changes and improvements to the NZF are considered by the production team. This includes both technological and content enhancements.

Continued feedback is welcome; use the "Feedback" tab alongside the "Search" and "Browse" tabs at the top of each page of the online version of NZ. Include a contact email address to ensure you receive a personal reply.