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Adding an alert for patients on clozapine

To set up an alert to use for patients on clozapine

  1. From the menu select: Setup > Patient Register > Alert
  2. Put a code, perhaps “cloz”, in the appropriate box and put “On Clozapine” in the description box.
  3. Click OK, your alert is now set up for use.

To use the clozapine alert for a particular patient

  1. Open the patient’s clinical records.
  2. From the menu select: Module > Alerts
  3. Click on the box in the window that opens to assign a new alert to the patient.
  4. In the code box enter “cloz” or whatever code you used.
  5. In the text box underneath write relevant details such as: “On clozapine --- watch for constipation, neutropaenia, myocarditis”
  6. Tick the box labelled “Auto Prompt Alert”.
  7. Click “OK”, your alert should now open whenever the patient’s clinical records are accessed.