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The New Zealand Formulary for children is now available

The NZFC is available from: or from the pink tab on the NZF home page.


  • Easily navigated, with searchable medicines information specifically for children
  • Indications and doses reflect current New Zealand practice, with expert advice from New Zealand Paediatricians
  • Adapted from the British National Formulary for Children, incorporating PHARMAC and Medsafe information
  • Additional information from reputable sources on drug interactions, drugs in pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Updated monthly and freely available to all healthcare professionals within New Zealand
  • Feedback welcomed via feedback tab

Prescribing notes for children

  • Each section begins with prescribing notes followed by relevant drug monographs and preparations. Drugs are classified in a section according to their pharmacology and therapeutic use. Information can be found using the search NZFC tab.
  • Prescribing notes are divided into 15 chapters, each of which is related to a particular system of the body or to an aspect of medical care

Monographs & more

  • Drug monographs are summaries of the important practical information about individual drugs
  • More information can be revealed by clicking or hovering the cursor over some sections of the text, e.g. interactions, pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Clicking on the expand.gif sign at the bottom of the drug monograph shows products available, funding information, links to medicines data sheets datasheet.gif and consumer medicines information cmi.gif


  • Interactions in the NZF and NZFC are provided by Stockley’s interaction alerts which are derived from the full Stockley’s drug interactions database. This gives health care professionals a quick way to check for potential interactions and management advice in a clinical setting.