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Key Concepts:
  • The role of the general practitioner is to advise their patients on options available, to refer to a termination clinic for consideration for termination if requested, and to arrange the appropriate pre- referral tests and follow-up.
  • It is not the role of general practitioners to discuss their own personal views about termination. If a general practitioner is not able to refer personally, then arrangements must be made for the woman to be seen as soon as possible by another doctor in the area
  • The role of the certifying consultant is to determine if there are legal grounds for termination and to arrange a termination if appropriate
  • The earlier in pregnancy a termination is performed, the lower the risk of complications
  • Under New Zealand law, a fully informed consenting woman may be considered for a termination of pregnancy. Young women under the age of 16 do not need to inform, or seek consent from their parent or guardian
  • As with all patients, women (including those aged 16 and younger) seeking a termination have the right to confidentiality. Partners, parents and family members are only informed if the woman agrees to this.
  • Education and access to appropriate contraception can play an important role in working towards a reduction in numbers of unplanned pregnancies.