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“Beating the Blues” is a web-based cognitive behavioural programme for people with symptoms of mild or mild-moderate depression, with good social support. They may have some degree of disruption to daily function as well as possible sleep and mood disturbance. If depression scoring tools are used, this would be equivalent to a patient with a PHQ-9 score of 10 – 14 or a Kessler 10 score of <16.

Once the General Practitioner has established that the patient has mild or mild-moderate depression, they can then:

  • Give general advice and support
  • Refer them to other services as appropriate, e.g. budget/employment services
  • Give them written information about depression or referral to a recommended reading list
  • Refer them to online resources such as:
  • Refer them to Beating the Blues

In order to participate in the Beating the Blues programme, the patient needs access to a computer, the internet and an email address. They also need to be able to commit 50 minutes a week to doing the programme. There are eight sessions in the programme and patients can leave the programme at anytime; most people do not complete all eight sessions.

The bestpractice Decision Support depression modules contain links to Beating the Blues. The Beating the Blues programme is accessed via “Manage My Health”.

Patients who do not have the resources available to them to participate in the programme, patients with less social support or patients with a higher degree of disorder of their mental health can be referred to a counsellor, psychologist or primary mental health coordinator for additional support.

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