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In May 2008, bpac published an issue of Best Practice Journal focused on improving Māori health. A randomly selected group of GPs was invited to complete a survey on their knowledge of Māori health issues, before and after the publication.

GPs were asked whether they believed there were significant issues for Māori compared to non-Māori in their location, in regards to specific aspects of healthcare. Following the publication of BPJ 13 awareness of these issues had increased (Figure 1).

Following publication of BPJ 13 there was also an increase in the proportion of GPs who said they would ask patients about their use of Rongoā Māori. There was an increase in knowledge of the prevalence of gout in Māori and inequalities in treatment of childhood asthma.

Interestingly, the survey results showed that GPs confidence in handling Māori health issues decreased, following the publication, which may reflect a greater awareness of the issues that are faced.

Figure 1. Proportion of GPs who believed there were issues for Māori in selected aspects of healthcare.