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March 2011

Best Tests

The role of thrombophilia testing in general practice

Testing for thrombophilia is rarely indicated in general practice and should only be performed when the results will alter management. View Article

Collecting specimens for the investigation of fungal infections

Fungal infections of the skin, nails and hair are caused by dermatophytes. In many cases, diagnosis of infection is made by clinical appearance alone, but laboratory examination of skin scrapings, nail cuttings and hair can be requested if the diagnosis is uncertain. View Article

Should I still use both CRP and ESR when investigating temporal arteritis?

CRP alone is the best test for temporal arteritis.

This article is out of date. Please see updated information here: Giant cell arteritis: Always keep it in your head

View Article

Quiz Feedback: Alcohol, Mercury and INR

This quiz feedback provides an opportunity to revisit Best Tests, November 2010 View Article