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BPJ 51 March 2013

Best Practice Journal

An update on the management of gout

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Managing acne in primary care

Acne is a common dermatological condition that affects most people at some stage in their life. Because acne is regarded as “normal” and over-the-counter products are readily available, most people will not seek treatment from their General Practitioner. View Article

The 2013 influenza season: new strains, new vaccines

The dominant influenza virus to circulate in New Zealand this “flu season” is likely to be an A(H3N2) virus, similar to the virus that caused a severe outbreak in Canterbury in 2012. The 2013 vaccine contains new strains, including A(H3N2), therefore this is an important year for influenza vaccination in New Zealand. View Article

Pertussis: halting the epidemic by protecting infants

Infants who have not yet completed the National Immunisation Schedule and children who are not immunised, or only partially immunised, are most at risk from pertussis. The best way to protect at-risk individuals is on-time vaccination, as it protects against infection and reduces the number of people in the community that can transmit the bacteria. View Article

Norovirus: Sydney 2012

In late 2012, there was a global increase in norovirus notifications, due to the spread of a novel norovirus, referred to as Sydney 2012. A worldwide warning for a severe norovirus season in 2013 has been issued, and outbreaks of Sydney 2012 have already been reported in New Zealand. View Article

Upfront: Unapproved medicines and unapproved uses of medicines: keeping prescribers and patients safe

An approved medicine is a medicine which has been through a regulatory process in New Zealand and can be considered safe to prescribe, under the conditions set out in the Medicine Data Sheet. The prescriber must still consider both the benefits and risks of using the medicine, before it is prescribed. View Article