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Looking for your personalised report? Prescribers can log-in to My bpac (or create a free account) to access their individual prescribing or laboratory testing reports. Once you have logged-in, click on 'Download your reports' in your account dashboard to see your available reports.

2017 Annual Practice Report

This report provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the pharmacological treatment received by patients registered at your practice in the past year. It summarises the most commonly dispensed medicines for these patients between 1 July, 2016 and 30 June, 2017 by any prescriber. View Contents

Report: Dabigatran Monitoring, An Update

This report provides an update on the use and monitoring of dabigatran between April, 2016 and March, 2017 in primary care in New Zealand. View Contents

Report: Asthma medicines in adults

How does your prescribing compare to that of your peers? Consider the factors which contribute to your decision to escalate treatment in adults with asthma. View Contents

Prescribing topical medicines for skin infection

Resistance to fusidic acid is increasing because this topical medicine is being overused in New Zealand. This prescribing snippet will provide monthly updates over the next six months for topical medicines indicated for skin infections. View Contents