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July 2010

Best Tests

The use of screening tests

GPs frequently perform tests for screening purposes, whether for formal screening programmes, such as cervical screening, or less formalised opportunistic screening such as cardiovascular risk assessment. GPs may be aware of the potential benefits of screening however it is also important to consider the limitations of screening tests and the potential for harm associated with these tests. View Article

Appropriate use of tumour markers

The key role for tumour marker tests is in managing patients with established malignancy. Tumour markers are not indicated as screening tests in primary care. View Article

PSA screening in asymptomatic men

Prostate cancer screening in asymptomatic men is a controversial public health issue generating much debate with polarised views around the appropriate use of PSA, both internationally and within New Zealand. Currently in New Zealand, a national screening programme has not been recommended, as there is a lack of consensus as to whether the benefit of screening outweighs the harms. View Article

Bowel cancer screening in New Zealand

Progress to date on a national screening programme for bowel cancer View Article

Quiz feedback: Investigating the Gut

This quiz feedback provides an opportunity to revisit the March, 2010 Best Tests document and accompanying quiz which focused on the role of laboratory testing when investigating the gut. View Article