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BPJ 31 October 2010

Best Practice Journal

Which Antihypertensive?

Once the decision has been made to initiate antihypertensive treatment, choice of medicine should be based on individual patient characteristics including age and co-morbidities. View Article

The warfarin dilemma

Evidence suggests that warfarin is under utilised in older people. The dilemma is that in older people with atrial fibrillation, the factors indicating a need for anticoagulation with warfarin are also the risk factors for intracranial haemorrhage. View Article

Access to clopidogrel now widened

Clopidogrel, an antiplatelet medicine, is now able to be prescribed without Special Authority approval. Clopidogrel is not recommended for use in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but it can be considered for use in people with established CVD in place of aspirin, when aspirin is not tolerated or contraindicated. View Article

Screening and management of “The Diabetic Foot”

Foot ulceration and damage is one of the most common complications of diabetes and without regular screening and effective management, patients are at high risk of lower extremity amputation. View Article

ANTIMICROBIALS how should they be used in primary care?

Ideally antibiotics should be reserved for the treatment of known bacterial infection but it is well recognised that they are often prescribed empirically “just in case” or inappropriately when the infection is highly likely to be viral. View Article

Upfront: INR point of care testing in community pharmacies

The international normalised ratio (INR) is used to monitor patients receiving warfarin for treatment or prevention of thrombosis and embolism. The therapeutic range of warfarin is narrow, so monitoring of INR is performed to avoid complications… View Article

Snippets: Insulin glargine & Ezetimibe

Insulin glargine – access widened from 1 August 2010 | Changes to ezetimibe (Ezetrol) and ezetimibe/simvastatin (Vytorin) prescribing View Article

Quiz feedback: Antihypertensives, warfarin and clopidogrel

This quiz feedback provides an opportunity to revisit BPJ 31 (Oct, 2010) View Article