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BPJ 32 November 2010

Best Practice Journal

Close contact infectious diseases: an increasing concern for Pacific peoples

Pacific peoples have poorer health status than other New Zealanders, including higher rates of infectious diseases. View Article

Rheumatic fever - the neglected disease

New Zealand continues to have high rates of rheumatic fever, particularly among Pacific peoples. View Article

The burden of bronchiectasis in Pacific peoples

In most developed countries the incidence of bronchiectasis has declined over the years. View Article

Skin infections in Pacific peoples

Serious skin infections such as cellulitis, abscesses and impetigo are an increasingly common reason for hospital admission in Pacific peoples. View Article

Promoting healthy lifestyles for Pacific peoples

Ask a Pacific person what a healthy lifestyle means for them and the response will depend on who you are talking to. For young people it may mean having regular healthy meals and participating in physical activity most days of the week, not smoking or drinking and maintaining a good social life. View Article

Immunisation in Pacific children: a success story

Childhood immunisation plays an important role in the health of children, their families and the wider population. View Article

Overcoming barriers to cervical screening in Pacific women

Cervical screening rates in New Zealand have continued to increase following the introduction of the National Cervical Screening Programme in 1990. View Article

Genes, fructose, allopurinol and gout

A short article on gout with specific reference to Pacific peoples. View Article

Pacific health providers

Pacific Health providers in New Zealand first began to emerge in the 1980s. There are now 39 Pacific led health providers throughout New Zealand, employing hundreds of Pacific health professionals, and running sophisticated, sustainable business models, with ambitious plans for future growth and expansion. View Article

Snippets: Jadelle & Sibutramine

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Upfront: The health of Pacific peoples in Aotearoa is everybody's business

New Zealanders of Pacific descent come from approximately 20 different island groups, and have their own unique identities, languages, cultures and spiritual beliefs. This impacts on their individual perceptions and collective interactions with New Zealand health services. View Article