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BPJ 28 June 2010

Best Practice Journal

Recognising and managing mental health problems in Māori

Mental health problems are common in Māori, yet there is an unmet need for receiving treatment. Identifying mental health problems and providing early intervention for Māori is a key priority. The unique perspective of Māori culture should be acknowledged in order to provide the most effective level of care. Recognising that Māori might perceive and deal with mental health problems in different ways is an important first step. View Article

Substance misuse and addiction in Māori

It is estimated that substance misuse and other addictions are experienced by over one quarter of Māori in their lifetime. Every opportunity should be taken to discuss substance misuse and addiction, which is also often associated with other mental health problems. It is important that issues are understood and treatment is delivered in a culturally appropriate manner. Here we focus on the principles of care for Māori with substance misuse or addiction problems, and the specific issues of alcohol and cannabis misuse and problem gambling. View Article

Suicide prevention in Māori youth

The rate of suicide in young Māori males is higher than in any other population group in New Zealand. Mental health disorder is strongly associated with suicide but is not the only risk factor. Assessing wellbeing at every opportunity, providing culturally appropriate care and identifying risk early are key factors in suicide prevention. View Article

PHO Performance Programme - high needs populations

The PHO Performance Programme recognises the increased health needs of Māori, Pacific peoples and those living in lower socioeconomic areas. The Programme focuses on indicators which are measured to identify target levels of care. View Article

Snippets: Gabapentin Humalog & Tramadol

Humalog, Tramadol and Gabapentin View Article

Upfront: Traditional healing and mental health: measuring the effectiveness of rongoa

Professor Sir Mason Durie writes about traditional healing (rongoa) with respect to mental health. View Article