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BPJ SE January 2010

Best Practice Journal

Key Messages & Introduction

Evidence indicates that early interventions in a number of mental health conditions for children and young people can result in better outcomes. Due to the high prevalence of mental health disorders in young people, every interaction or consultation should be regarded as an opportunity to assess their psychosocial as well as physical wellbeing. View Article

Recognition and Assessment of Common Mental Disorders in Young People

In this section the clinical features of the common mental disorders are outlined along with a discussion of suicidal behaviours. Assessment of the potential for suicide is an essential part of initial and on-going management. View Article

Management of depression in young people in primary care

A stepped care approach is used with the intensity of treatment adjusted according to the response to treatment. A combination of risk management and strength-based strategies is recommended. Co-morbidities such as substance use disorders should be managed at the same time as they often exacerbate depression. View Article


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