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BPJ 22 July 2009

Best Practice Journal

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Kupu Whakataki
Welcome to BPJ 22, our second journal focused on Māori Health
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Oral health

Oranga niho
Overall, oral health in New Zealand has improved over the last few decades, however significant inequalities remain for some groups, especially Māori. Poor oral health is preventable but prevention must start early. Primary health care has an important role. Good oral health behaviours should be emphasised at any opportunity.
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Making a difference in chronic kidney disease

Mate tākihi ukiuki
Chronic kidney disease affects approximately 10% of the population of New Zealand, with a higher prevalence among Māori. It is a silent condition but it can be readily detected with eGFR and urinalysis. Early intervention allows the opportunity to slow progression to end-stage renal disease and reduce cardiovascular risk.

There is newer/updated information related to this article: The detection and management of patients with chronic kidney disease in primary care

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Smoking cessation for Māori

Te aukatinga kai paipa
Encouraging Māori who smoke to stop is a key health priority. The more times smoking cessation advice is offered and the more quit attempts made, the greater the likelihood of stopping permanently. New Zealand Smoking Cessation guidelines should be followed and Māori can be offered the choice of providers such as Quitline or Aukati KaiPaipa
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One Heart Many Lives

He manawa takitahi, he iwi takitini
“One Heart Many Lives” is a social marketing campaign that was developed to promote the benefits of cardiovascular risk assessment to Māori and Pacific men aged over 35 years. The programme has been very successful, increasing the number of patients presenting for assessment, and increasing their involvement and satisfaction with healthcare.
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Are whānau paying the right amount for pharmaceuticals and health services?

This article has been archived.
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Childhood asthma programme summary

Te huango o te tamaiti
A short overview of childhood asthma, best practice special edition and decision support module.
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Free smoking cessation training for health professionals

Akoranga aukati kai paipa
A brief overview of how and where to obtain smoking cessation training
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Takin’ it to the people - successful initiatives in Māori health

Tohatohaina atu ki te iwi - He kaupapa hauora Māori angitu
Some examples of successful intiatives in Māori Health.
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