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BPJ 10 December 2007

Best Practice Journal

GP guide to some topical eye treatments

Some eye medications are used when there is high risk of visual loss and their misuse can increase this risk. Initiation and monitoring often require specialist expertise as well as the availability of, and ability to use, specialist equipment. Primary care still plays a valuable role. Clinicians, particularly prescribers, need to understand the actions of these medications and how to avoid and identify possible adverse effects. View Article

Self monitoring in diabetes

Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is an important component of diabetes management for some people. But, which people? SMBG is required for people with diabetes treated with insulin, a pragmatic approach is recommended for all others. View Article

Brand change update: Ritalin SR now available by special access

This article has been archived; for a copy of the original, please email editor@bpac.org.nz

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A Māori/Pacific nursing service in a mainstream PHO

A PHO shares its experience and outcomes of establishing a unique service targeted at Māori and Pacific patients and whanau. View Article


In view of the recent promotion of the SMART regimen, the use of inhalers containing a combination of a long acting beta agonist and inhaled corticosteroid is reviewed. View Article

COPD in primary care: reminder and update

Managing COPD continues to be a major feature of primary care, particularly in practices with a high proportion of Māori and Pacific peoples. The “COPDX” management framework is revisited and updated.

There is newer/updated information related to this article: The optimal management of patients with COPD

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Update of New Zealand smoking cessation guideline

The recently overhauled New Zealand smoking cessation guideline is well presented and contains important new messages. The guideline has been delivered to all practices and we advise clinicians to read and review it. View Article

Role of calcium channel blockers in hypertension

Thiazides are considered to be appropriate initial treatment for most people with hypertension. Choice of other antihypertensives, including calcium channel blockers, is decided on an individual basis. View Article

Upfront: The doctor who wasn't

Dr Seuss understood that a message is best received when delivered in a concise and straight forward manner. Feedback from our GPs View Article

Snippets: Drug information of topical interest

  • Calcium Supplementation and the risk of myocardial infarction
  • Use of eGFR for drug dose adjustment
  • Compulsive gambling and dopamine agonists
  • Hearing loss and drugs for erectile dysfunction
  • Warnings for lumiracoxib and terbinafine
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Dear Dave

  • Breakthrough Bleeding
  • Camphor in Pregnancy
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