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BPJ 33 December 2010

Best Practice Journal

Assessing cardiovascular risk: what the experts think

Despite much being known about cardiovascular risk assessment, there are still areas which remain contentious or are not supported by conclusive evidence. We invited a group of practitioners, with expertise and interest in cardiovascular disease, to discuss some of these issues. View Article

Management of thyroid dysfunction in adults

Routine screening for thyroid dysfunction is not recommended unless there are symptoms and signs of thyroid disease. If thyroid dysfunction is suspected, TSH is the best initial test and an abnormal result will trigger laboratory reflex testing of additional thyroid function tests as indicated, in most laboratories. View Article

Update on smoking cessation

The rate of smoking among New Zealanders is slowly declining, however, more work needs to be done to further reduce this number. Brief advice on smoking cessation from a healthcare professional increases the likelihood that someone who smokes will successfully quit and remain a non-smoker long-term. View Article

Upfront: Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics for General Practitioners: Time for clinical application View Article

Antimicrobial resistance: where are we now?

This article reviews the data currently available, which enables interventions to be targeted towards issues which are local and current. View Article

Snippets: Fentanyl patches

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Quiz feedback: CVRA and Managing thyroid dysfunction

This quiz feedback provides an opportunity to revisit BPJ 33 (Dec, 2010) View Article