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BPJ SE Childhood Asthma May 2009

Best Practice Journal

Inequalities in asthma prevalence morbidity and mortality

Māori and Pacific children with asthma suffer more severe symptoms than other children, are hospitalised more frequently and have more days off school as a result of their asthma. View Article

Selected topics in asthma

Intermittent or persistent asthma? Which inhaled corticosteroid? The role of long acting beta-2 agonists (LABA). Role of nebulisers in childhood asthma. What is the place of mast cell stabilisers, sodium cromoglycate and nedocromil? Paracetamol and the link with asthma. View Article

Guide to asthma management in children

To compliment the childhood asthma decision support tool. This guide is based on the New Zealand childhood asthma guidelines and other international sources. View Article

Asthma education for children and their families

Asthma education of the child and the family should lead to an understanding of good control of asthma and the role of medications in achieving this, including how to use inhaler devices and what to do in case of an exacerbation. View Article

Asthma Education Desktop Prompt

This desktop prompt has been used extensively by GPs, practice nurses and asthma educators in Wellington and surrounding areas. Adapted from an original document provided by Barbara Scott of WIPA View Article

Childhood Asthma: References

References and bibliography View Article