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BPJ 5 May 2007

Best Practice Journal

Winter Ills

Bronchiolitis | Cough in children | Fever in children | Acute gastroenteritis in children | Acute asthma in children aged 1-15 years View Article

Safe use of paracetamol in children

The evidence-base for the information contained in this article is no longer current: please refer to the New Zealand Formulary for Children for paracetamol dosing instructions: http://www.nzfchildren.org.nz/nzf_2439

Paracetamol is a useful medication for symptomatic pain relief and when there is a combination of respiratory distress and fever. However, continued use of paracetamol for pain or fever of unknown causes is inappropriate and can lead to delays in diagnosis.
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Fighting immunisation preventable disease in primary care

In New Zealand, the immunisation programme has eliminated polio and controlled tetanus and diptheria. However, disease persists, as seen with high rates of pertussis and recurrent epidemics of measles. With better coverage and improved timeliness of immunisation, the gains could be higher. View Article

Over-the-counter medication in children: friend or foe?

The information in this article is now out of date. An updated article can be found here: http://www.bpac.org.nz/BPJ/2010/July/coldmeds.aspx

A list of cough and cold preparations contraindicated in children aged under six years can be found here: http://www.medsafe.govt.nz/hot/alerts/CoughandCold/AffectedMedicinesOct2009.asp

Over-the-counter medications are often taken by adults, and given to children. Some have the potential for harm, especially in the young. Health professionals, as well as parents, have a responsibility to be cautious about giving drugs to children.
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Upfront: Infectious disease patterns a major concern

An Interview with Professor Diana Lennon on infectious disease patterns. View Article

Patient advice printouts

Patients often remember little of what we say during consultations. Important information may be forgotten. We try to overcome this by giving out notes or pamphlets to take away. View Article

Remembering respiratory infections

Revisits the main points of our respiratory infections campaign with feedback on its impact and discusses the question ‘Is there a link between childhood antibiotic use and asthma?’ View Article

Dear Dave

Can Proton Pump Inhibitors cause vitamin B12 deficiency? View Article

Quiz feedback: Dyspepsia and Heartburn

This article presents the results of the Dyspepsia and Heartburn quiz (BPJ 4). Commentary is provided by Professor Gil Barbezat (GB). View Article