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BPJ 1 October 2006

Best Practice Journal

Depression antidepressant update

Venlafaxine: how and when to use | Antidepressants for elderly people | Antidepressants in pregnancy and breastfeeding | Suicide and antidepressants View Article

COPD update

Tiotropium is an effective option | Long acting beta agonists | Inhaled corticosteroids | Exercise | Should an anticholinergic be the bronchodilator of choice in patients with COPD? View Article

NSAIDs and coxibs

Cardiovascular risk associated with NSAIDs and coxibs
NSAIDs in the treatment of soft tissue injuries
View Article

“What is Māori Patient-Centred Medicine for Pakeha GPs?”

Recently bpacnz programme developer Dr Trevor Walker interviewed Te Aroha GP Dave Colquhoun on the relationship between Pakeha GPs and their Māori patients. . . View Article

Polypharmacy at the Primary-Secondary interface

Polypharmacy due to multiple physician involvement in patient care increases the risk of serious adverse drug event. View Article


Pharmacogenetics: relevance in the treatment of depression View Article

Dear Dave

Is it safe to use beta-blockers for cardiac disease in people with COPD? View Article

Ten minute audit

Identifies people under the age of 18 years on paroxetine to enable checks for suicidal and aggressive behaviour View Article