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Best Practice Survey Results

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8. What is the most efficient way to keep up to date?

8. In your opinion what is the most efficient way of keeping your medical knowledge up to date? (tick all that apply)
  Reading articles
  Talking to colleagues
  CME meetings
  Peer support groups
  Participation in quizzes, case studies and clinical audits
  Other (please state):
Table 7: Percentage responses for each question.
Nurse Pharmacist Total Combined
Reading articles
85.2% 96.1% 95.3% 89.1%
CME meetings
80.8% 49.3% 56.8% 69.7%
Talking to colleagues
64.1% 79.7% 62% 68.1%
Peer support groups
65.6% 61.3% 36.2% 61.2%
Participation in quizzes etc 51.8% 30% 34.7% 43.9%
Other 10.8% 13.8% 5.6% 10.8%

Reading articles continues to be an important source of medical knowledge, especially for GPs (85%) and Practice Nurses (96%). CME meetings are also rated highly by GPs.

For respondents who ticked “Other” popular suggestions were: “all of the above”, conferences, advice from specialists especially from referral letters, postgraduate study, the internet, email updates, case based learning, quizzes and specific questions arising from individual patient care.

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