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Best Practice Survey Results

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7. There are a wide variety of other sources of information

Q7. What other sources of medical information do you use regularly?

Top 10 other sources of clinical information:

  • New Zealand Doctor
  • Kai Tiaki
  • Peers
  • MIMMs
  • UpToDate
  • BMJ
  • GPNotebook
  • Guidelines

The BMJ was the single most cited source of other medical information used regularly by survey respondents. This possibly reflects not only the quality of the publication but also a strong preference for the journal/magazine style of publication. The top 10 sources of medical information reflect the practical needs of daily practice, in particular the need for prescribing information.

When looking at all the responses to this question there was a strong preference for sources of information which provide concise content and ‘how to’ type summaries; however the majority of these sources are not New Zealand based.

Over half the respondents to this question mentioned sources of information that are only available online.

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