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Best Practice Survey Results

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6. Most people want no change to frequency and volume

6. In terms of the frequency with which you receive bpac publications and the volume of material contained in them, would you prefer to:
  Have no change to the current frequency and volume of material
  Receive publications more frequently but with fewer pages in each publication
  Receive publications less frequently but with more pages in each publication
Table 6: Percentage responses for each question.
  GP Nurse Pharmacist
No change
76.8% 87.5% 81.9%
More frequently, fewer pages 12.7% 6.4% 14.3%
Less frequently, more pages
8.5% 5.4% 3.8%

The majority (over 80%) of the survey respondents selected no change to the frequency and volume of bpacnz publications. While some respondents commented that they do feel overwhelmed by the volume of medical material they receive, many recognised the importance of bpacnz material. Some selected comments are:

“Would like publications more frequently with same number of pages.” – GP, Auckland

“I liked the way bpac used to send smaller one topic booklets. That way I could easily find it when I wanted to refer to it later, and I could discard the booklets that didn’t interest me.” – GP, Invercargill

“Very relevant, well resourced publication, that I would read more of if volume or frequency increased.” – GP, Hamilton

“Just keep it as it is.” – GP, Wellington

“We are bombarded daily with so many potential resources that it is necessary to be selective. I find the bpac resources among the most useful and relevant to my practice in NZ.” – GP, Christchurch

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