How much will BPACNZRx cost my practice?

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Annual subscription, GST exclusive

Will you match my current MIMS subscription cost if it’s less than the cost of BPACNZRx?

Yes, if you are currently paying less for your MIMS subscription than the advertised BPACNZRx fee, we’ll guarantee to match your MIMS price. Just provide us with evidence of your current subscription cost.

I’d like to switch to BPACNZRx now, but I’ve already paid for a MIMS licence. Can you help me out?

Yes, we don’t want practices to pay for two prescribing tools at the same time. So if you have some time to run on your current MIMS subscription but want to switch to BPACNZRx before it expires, we’ll make sure your BPACNZRx subscription period doesn’t start until your MIMS subscription period ends, regardless of when you switch to BPACNZRx

What if my enrolled patient number changes during the year?

No problem. Your subscription is fixed for 12 months and we’ll base your renewal fee on the number of enrolled patients at renewal time.

Do you offer group discounts for BPACNZRx

Yes, we’re happy to provide group discounts for PHOs or practice networks that want to buy BPACNZRx licences on behalf of multiple practices. Please contact us for further details

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