Medicines management

The safe and effective use of dabigatran and warfarin in primary care

Patients taking oral anticoagulants require appropriate management...

August 2017

Amiodarone brand-change and a reminder on patient monitoring

Two brands of amiodarone are currently subsidised in New Zealand;...

October 2016

Oxycodone prescribing: New Zealand solutions to a global problem

Inappropriate prescribing of opioids for non-cancer pain is...

October 2016

Polypharmacy Update

This report provides prescribers with details about patients...

July 2016

Alcohol misuse: how to help patients in primary care

Approximately one in five New Zealanders over the age of 15...

May 2016

Use the New Zealand Formulary to access patient information leaflets

Patient information leaflets (PILs) are now available from the...

May 2016

Oxycodone Update

This report provides an update on the use of oxycodone over...

March 2016

Travel consultation essentials: for departures and arrivals

Travel consultations involve assessing the risks that may occur...

December 2015

An update on the use of nitrofurantoin in patients with renal impairment

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)...

October 2015

Improving the safety of community-based chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is predominantly managed in secondary care, but...

October 2015

Piles of pills: Prescribing appropriate quantities of medicines

Medicine wastage is a significant problem in New Zealand, with...

August 2015

Overuse of benzodiazepines: still an issue?

Benzodiazepines may be considered as a short-term treatment...

March 2015

The optimal management of patients with COPD - Part 2: Stepwise escalation of treatment

The progression of COPD can be slowed by providing support for...

February 2015


Polypharmacy is a marker of potential problematic prescribing....

November 2014

Polypharmacy in primary care: Managing a clinical conundrum

Polypharmacy can be appropriate and beneficial for patients....

October 2014

Safer prescribing of high-risk medicines - Methotrexate: potentially fatal in overdose

Low-dose methotrexate is commonly used in the treatment of patients...

October 2014

Identifying and managing addiction to opioids

The increased use of opioid analgesics in recent years, particularly...

October 2014

Safer prescribing of high-risk medicines: Colchicine – extremely toxic in overdose

Colchicine is a plant-based alkaloid, extracted from Colchicum...

September 2014

News Updates

Does aspirin protect against cancer? More high-quality research...

September 2014

Encouraging children to swallow tablets or capsules

Many health professionals will encounter children who are reluctant...

September 2014

Investigating myalgia in patients taking statins

Muscle pain (myalgia) and weakness is experienced by up to 10%...

August 2014

Oxycodone Update

Since 2011, bpacnz has produced a series of reports and articles...

August 2014

Oxycodone: how did we get here and how do we fix it?

Following on from the interview with Dr Jeremy McMinn in the...

July 2014

Safer prescribing of high-risk medicines: Clozapine

Pharmacological treatment is an integral part of the practice...

July 2014

Proton pump inhibitors: When is enough, enough?

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are one of the most widely used...

June 2014

Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule: rotavirus vaccine now added

Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule will soon take...

June 2014

Upfront: “A disaster in the making”: it’s time to take action against misuse of oxycodone

Dr Jeremy McMinn is a consultant psychiatrist and addiction...

June 2014

Upfront: Azithromycin: use it wisely

Growing use of azithromycin in New Zealand means that we are...

April 2014

Update on the Adverse Drug Reaction reporting tool

Reporting suspected adverse drug reactions enables the collection...

April 2014

The year that was: Key messages from Best Practice Journal 2013

2013 began with publication of the 50th issue of Best Practice...

February 2014

News Updates

Captopril tablets discontinued: ACE inhibitor alternatives |...

February 2014

The New Zealand Formulary for children

In November 2013, the New Zealand Formulary for Children (NZFC)...

December 2013

News updates

Comparing results between different blood glucose meters | Beating...

June 2013

Laboratory testing for isotretinoin

Oral isotretinoin is a highly effective treatment for severe...

June 2013

Using the New Zealand Formulary

Guide for switching antidepressants

December 2012

Using the New Zealand Formulary

Are you getting the most from the NZF? Resources for getting...

November 2012

When and how to use a syringe driver in palliative care

Syringe drivers are often required to provide medicines for...

November 2012

Polypharmacy in people aged over 75 years

This report focuses on continuous polypharmacy, which is the...

October 2012

Managing medicines in older people

It is increasingly recognised that health care for older people...

October 2012

Using the New Zealand Formulary

Locating product and funding information

October 2012

New Zealand Formulary launches

New Zealand healthcare professionals now have their own medicines...

August 2012

New Zealand Formulary – coming soon

About the NZF Governance The clinical editorial team

April 2012

Prescribing citalopram safely: an update

Evidence of adverse cardiac effects associated with citalopram...

February 2012

Diagnosing and managing asthma in children

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of childhood asthma...

February 2012

Updated data sheet for dabigatran etexilate

The dabigatran data sheet was updated in early November 2011...

December 2011

The use of dabigatran in general practice

Dabigatran (Pradaxa) is now available in New Zealand, fully...

September 2011

News in brief: Varenicline: amendments to Special Authority funding

Brief details on Varenicline use and changes to the special...

August 2011

Use of INR for monitoring warfarin treatment

Regular measurement of INR levels is an essential component...

November 2010

The warfarin dilemma

Evidence suggests that warfarin is under utilised in older people....

October 2010

INR for Warfarin Monitoring

Sample of data report on the frequency of INR testing for patients...

September 2010

An update on statins

The decision to initiate a statin should be based upon an individual’s...

August 2010

Avoiding medication errors in children

Medication errors may never be completely eliminated, but strategies...

July 2010

A practical guide to stopping medicines in older people

The majority of older people who require drug therapy take multiple...

April 2010

Upfront: When is enough enough? Stopping medicines in older people

In New Zealand, it is estimated that 30% of people aged over...

April 2010

Prescribing issues associated with anticonvulsant medications for epilepsy

The goal of successful pharmacological treatment in epilepsy...

November 2009

Practical considerations for therapeutic drug monitoring

Advice on therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), the measurement...

July 2009

Counseling patients through a brand change

Health care professionals have an important role in helping...

July 2009

Medicine Brand Changes

A short article on the perceptions of generics and brand c...

July 2009

Pharmacological Management of Depression in Adults

All antidepressant drugs are approximately equal in effectiveness,...

July 2009

Self Management Plans for asthma - obsolete or needing a fresh start?

The asthma & respiratory foundation of New Zealand has developed...

June 2009

The use of insulin in type 2 diabetes

There is evidence that early use of insulin in people with type...

April 2009

Drug monitoring - Monitoring diuretics in primary care

Monitoring a person on diuretics is necessary to assess response...

March 2009

Correspondence: Dose titration for pain

December 2008

WHO Analgesic Ladder: Methadone - safe and effective use for chronic pain

Methadone is a strong opioid that may be suitable for people...

December 2008

Monitoring Response to Drug Treatment

Clinicians are frequently asked to monitor the effects of drug...

November 2008

Medication-overuse headache: when the cure becomes the cause

Medication-overuse headache is a complex disorder best described...

September 2008

Eltroxin (levothyroxine) formulation change

From July 2007, Glaxo Smith Kline has distributed a new formulation...

August 2008

Self monitoring of blood glucose: An update

New evidence concludes that self monitoring of blood glucose...

June 2008

Ten minute tutorial

Adding a pop-up alert for patients on clozapine.

June 2008

Why you should prescribe generically

Generic prescribing is cost effective, associated with less...

June 2008

Dilemmas: Principles of prescribing for elderly people

Several key principles should be considered when prescribing...

February 2008

Dilemmas: Why is it difficult

Prescribing for elderly people is difficult because the risks...

February 2008

Brand change update: Ritalin SR now available by special access

In response to concerns raised by Medsafe and the Centre for...

December 2007

10 minute audit: Identifying your patients on colchicine

September 2007

Upfront: Changing to a Generic Drug

Visits the main points around changing to a generic drug from...

June 2007

10 minute audit: omeprazole

This audit is designed to identify people in your practice on...

April 2007

Changing to a Generic Drug

An explanation of the issues around the switching of patients...

March 2007

Lithium monitoring

Biochemical monitoring of lithium therapy. An overview of of...

March 2007

Ten minute audit

Identifies patients on Lithium using MedTech

February 2007

ADHD: The Primary Care role

The role of primary care clinicians in improving outcomes for...

February 2007

10 minute audit

This audit is designed to identify people in your practice on...

December 2006

Improving the care of children with asthma

Studies suggest that the majority of children with asthma do...

December 2006

Kōwhai tackles overdue INRs

INR testing plus:
• Kōwhai tackles overdue INRs
• Oral route...

November 2006

Excessive anticoagulation

INR testing plus:
• Kōwhai tackles overdue INRs
• Oral route...

November 2006

INR testing

INR testing plus:
• Kōwhai tackles overdue INRs
• Oral route...

November 2006

INR Testing

Warfarin is the most widely used anticoagulant in New Zealand....

October 2006

Guide for using INR to manage warfarin

Appendices from "INR Testing" including:
• Guide for using INR...

October 2006

Ten minute audit

Identifies people under the age of 18 years on paroxetine to...

October 2006

Polypharmacy at the Primary-Secondary interface

Polypharmacy due to multiple physician involvement in patient...

October 2006


We have defined polypharmacy as the addition of one or more...

May 2006

Introduction: BPJ Generics special edition

Generic drugs are reproductions of the original innovator medicine...

July 2009

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