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The New Zealand Laboratory Schedule and Test Guidelines: genetic tests

The New Zealand Laboratory Schedule provides clinicians with consistent guidance when considering requesting laboratory tests. View Article

Genetic Health Services New Zealand (GHSNZ): What you need to know

Genetic Health Services New Zealand (GHSNZ) provides expert genetic advice, counselling and diagnostic services... View Article

Exposure to body fluids: keeping the primary healthcare team safe

Providing a safe working environment involves both minimising the risk of transmission of infectious ... View Article

Polypharmacy in primary care: Managing a clinical conundrum

Polypharmacy can be appropriate and beneficial for patients. However, polypharmacy also... View Article

Identifying and managing addiction to opioids

The increased use of opioid analgesics in recent years, particularly oxycodone, has resulted in misuse and... View Article

Topical antibiotics: very few indications for use

Topical antibiotics in general have been excessively used in New Zealand in recent years. The increasing prevalence of resistance... View Article

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Our friends at the New Zealand Medical Student journal are celebrating their ten year anniversary edition. This latest edition of NZMSJ is available here

Bpacnz has now published a quick guide for clinicians and parents to encourage swallowing of pills and capsules in children. This guide is available to download, and can be used as a take-home resource.

New Encouraging children to swallow tablets or capsules

Looking for a report? Prescribers can log-in to My bpac (or create a free account) to access individual prescribing or laboratory testing reports. Once you have logged-in, click on “My documents” in your account dashboard to see your available reports.

New A review of statin use and monitoring

Peer Group Discussions In an ongoing series, we look back at the key messages and practice points from selected articles in Best Practice Journals.