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Background, Goal and Objectives Polypharmacy PDF
Polypharmacy - weighing up the benefits and harms
Elderly people are at increased risk of drug related problems
Drugs associated with increased risk of adverse drug reactions in elderly people
Common drug interactions in elderly people
Recognising adverse drug reactions
Risk factors for drug related problems in elderly people
A really good recipe for DRP
Drug related harm; terms and definitions
Hospital admissions for adverse drug reactions
Commonly reported adverse drug reactions
References, Bibliography

A really good recipe for DRP

Rx: Gli anziani cadono

“ Elderly people all over New Zealand are falling for this deceptively easy recipe. Its basic ingredients are common in everyday practice as prescribers try to balance the possible benefits of drug therapy with the potential for unfortunate outcomes.&rdquo:


6 or more drugs
12 or more daily doses
2 or more chronic conditions
2 or more prescribers
1 or more of the following:
  • high risk drugs
  • high risk drug combinations
  • high risk drug-condition combinations


Various herbal or alternative remedies
Any one of these ingredients or several combined can, if left to simmer, produce a surprising concoction that makes elderly people go weak at the knees and makes their heads spin.
To increase the risk of an unfortunate outcome you can leave the mixture to stand, without regular checking, or throw in an additional ingredient without first assessing the effects of the ones already in the pot.
Unlike kitchen recipes you can remove ingredients which don’t appear to be working.
Simplifying the recipe, assessing the need for the ingredients, and monitoring their effects are the secrets to achieving the benefits of drug therapy whilst avoiding unfortunate outcomes.

Buona Salute!

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