Articles, booklets and other resources

All bpacnz articles are made freely available and publicly accessible via the bpacnz website. PDF versions of articles are also freely available for download and provide a convenient way for users to make printed copies themselves.

Printing articles

Articles may be reproduced for personal use without formal permission.

Users wishing to reproduce large quantities of an article (≥ 50 copies) should inform bpacnz and obtain an agreement which outlines the intended use of the article. A print-ready PDF with bpacnz branding and reference details to the original publication will be provided (also see “Reprint service”).

Linking to articles

Users wishing to link to a bpacnz resource on their website should contact bpacnz to obtain permission. In most cases, bpacnz does not allow reproduction of a resource in its entirety on other websites.

Figures and tables

Reproduction of figures or tables from any article is permitted without formal written permission from bpacnz, provided that the figure/table is original, bpacnz is identified as the original publisher, and that proper attribution of authorship and the correct citation details are given as acknowledgment.

Reprint service

We offer a reprint service for users requiring professional, high-quality reproductions of articles. Reprints are produced from a print-ready PDF with bpacnz branding and reference details to the original publication.

We encourage users who wish to reproduce articles for commercial purposes to consider using our re-print service to support open-access publication.

Please contact us for a quote for printing services.

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