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Pain Control in Palliative Care

Key messages Palliative care PDF
Professor Rod MacLeod – Lessons learned
Pain in palliative care
Pain assessment in palliative care
Strategies for total pain management
Other symptoms
Syringe drivers in palliative care
Useful resources, Bibliography & References

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Key messages

  • Adopt a systematic whole person approach to total pain assessment and management.
  • Administer regular analgesia in accordance with the WHO analgesic ladder.
  • Use appropriate adjuvant therapies as specifically indicated at any time during the illness.
  • Liaise with the Palliative Care team as soon as it becomes apparent that this will be advisable at some time during the illness.
  • Maintain involvement with the patient throughout their illness.

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21 August 2012
Comment from:
Andrea Zwart
100% in support. That is why here at Hibiscus Hospice regular meetings with all the General Practitioners has become an integral part of our service actioned by our our Palliative Care Physicians.It is a face to face dialogue meeting, time to discuss in a collaborative fashion clients we have in common, time for Hibiscus physicians to discuss new trends and practices in Palliative Care, time for the G.P. to clarify practice and or ask pertinent questions regarding Client or practice. A wonderful collaboration of Team Work.