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INR Testing

Key Messages INR PDF
Initiation of warfarin therapy
Monitoring INR
Other issues for INR management

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Key Messages

  • To ensure safe and effective anticoagulation, a systematic and practice-wide approach is needed for warfarin therapy and for the maintenance of INR levels within appropriate target ranges. You can test your practice systems with the bpacnz practice audit for INR monitoring.
  • Patients who are well informed and understand what they are doing are more likely to benefit from treatment; therefore effective patient education is an important component of achieving good INR levels.
  • Regular testing of INR levels is essential for all people taking warfarin. For most people once the INR is stable the rate of INR testing can be extended to two weekly and then 4 to 6 weekly. However people with higher levels of risk, may need more frequent testing.

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