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Detecting diabetes

Diabetes Tools PDF

Tool A: Practice Action plan

Plan for targeted testing:

Goal: To create an environment in the practice in which all staff acknowledge and recognise the importance of identifying people with risk factors for diabetes.

  1. Are all team members familiar with the risk factors for diabetes and the best way to test people? If the answer is no, suggest ways of overcoming this.

  2. Do all members of the team have adequate knowledge of diabetes testing, and are they aware of the importance of diabetes detection? If the answer is no, suggest ways of overcoming this.

  3. For your practice patients, are there access issues/barriers that may be delaying their diabetes diagnosis? What might be some of the barriers that affect the practice patients?

  4. Does the practice provide a service which is acceptable to all cultural groups within the practice? Are there ways in which the practice could be more culturally acceptable?

  5. For each suggestion make someone responsible for implementing the change, and set a date for when this should be done by. The whole practice should agree on a date (maybe 4-6 weeks time) to reassess the process.

Download Tool A in rich text format (.rtf) here
Download Tool A in PDF format here

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