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COPD Supplement
A practical guide for Primary Care Nurses

The Burden of COPD COPD Guide PDF
Smoking Cessation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Appendix One - Resources and contacts
Update on Managing Smoking Cessation - BMJ review July 2007

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The Burden of COPD


COPD imposes a significant personal, societal and financial burden on New Zealanders. In 1997, COPD was ranked third overall in its impact on the health of New Zealanders after ischaemic heart disease and stroke.

The COPDX plan has been developed and adopted by Australia and New Zealand as their COPD guideline. It has a strong emphasis on the use of objective measures of function, the role of non-pharmacological interventions, promotion of self-management and smoking cessation.

The key recommendations of the COPDX plan are summarised as follows:
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C Confirm diagnosis & assess severity by use of spirometry and measurements of functional impairment.
O Optimise function by relief of symptoms, increasing wellbeing and reducing the number and severity of exacerbations and complications.
P Prevent deterioration by smoking cessation and reduction of exposure to other harmful inhaled fumes and particles.
D Develop support network and self-management plan.
X eXacerbations - manage appropriately and promptly.

The successful management of COPD requires a multi-disciplinary team approach. From a primary care perspective, the aim is to promote practical interventions that will slow disease progression, optimise function and decrease the number of exacerbations.

The focus of this supplement is on spirometry, smoking cessation and pulmonary rehabilitation. It is recommended that the supplement be read in conjunction with the bpacnz COPD POEMs.

The COPD POEMs have been distributed to more than 3,500 general practitioners working within New Zealand, and can be accessed on the bpac website here.

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