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ACE Inhibitors

Key Recommendations ACE PDF
Background:-   diabetes | cardiovascular | nephropathy
Initiation and monitoring
Angiotensin-II receptor antagonists (AIIRAs)
10 Minuit audit using MedTech

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Key Recommendations

  1. Unless there are contraindications, use ACE inhibitors for everybody with:
    • Left ventricular dysfunction with or without symptoms of heart failure
    • Diabetic or non-diabetic nephropathy as indicated by microalbuminuria or frank proteinuria
    • Known cardiovascular disease or at high risk of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Use an ACE inhibitor or a low-dose thiazide initially for most people with hypertension who have diabetes or are at high risk of diabetes. Ensure BP is maintained below 130/80. Add other agents as indicated.
  3. Consider the use of ACE inhibitors for people with diabetes or at high risk of diabetes as they appear to reduce cardiovascular and renal risk and reduce progression to diabetes for those at high risk.
  4. When people have indications for ACE inhibitors they are also likely to benefit from statins and low-dose aspirin.
  5. Serious adverse effects from ACE inhibitor use can usually be predicted and avoided with careful monitoring.

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