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Antipsychotics in dementia: Welcome

Antipsychotics in dementia is an educational programme to promote the safe and rational use of antipsychotic drugs for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). The purpose is to promote the rational assessment and treatment of BPSD and to clarify the specific place of drug therapy for these symptoms.

Above and below you will find all the usual links to bpac pages. On the left is a seperate set of navigation links relating to the antipsychotics in dementia area only: Some resources such as the best practice guide are available to all, whilst other resources are restricted to residential care facilities participating in the practice review.

  • Home links to this page.
  • Best Practice Guide links to the online version of the guide
  • RANZCP Recommendations links to a PDF of the Clinical Recommendations developed by the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychologists (RANZCP) Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age
  • Help / questions & answers links to the online help page.
  • Resource exchange is an area where you can share documents. There is a table listing those already available ranked by votes and a form for uploading additional resources.
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  • Review Form Guide pdf links to a pdf of the review forms wraparound. This contains summary information on how to complete the review.
  • Upload review data links to the form for entering your practice review data.
  • Results analysis links to reports based on the uploaded review data.