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You may have noticed a few changes around here lately.

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We have redesigned the bpacnz website to better reflect the way our visitors have been using the site, and also to complement our move to a primarily online format.

A changed home page and new article format

In the past, most material produced by bpacnz has been designed for printed publication, with a supporting online archive. Increasingly we have been moving towards offering stand alone online content, which can be published rapidly and be more easily kept up to date. It also allows for greater interactivity and functionality, and better meets the needs of clinicians who wish to seek guidance “at their fingertips”.

Articles and other content will no longer be formatted into serial publications, but will be released online in real time, as it is completed.

You will now find our latest articles and guidance featured on the home page. Tabs at the top of the page allow you to sort by “Featured” or “Latest”, and look up articles according to categories of interest, e.g. diabetes, dermatology, Pacific people’s health. All of the content from Best Practice Journal and other previous publications is still accessible, by looking up article categories or using a key word in the search bar.

Search for content, rather than look up an issue

We noticed that people using our website most often used the search bar to find the information they were looking for, rather than navigating to the journal issue and table of contents.

Therefore, the new website is based mainly around the search bar – just type in key words of a topic you are interested in, or a title you have seen in print and let the website find the article for you. If you click through to an older article, you will notice that it is still displayed in the original website format; only articles produced from now on will be formatted in the new way.

You can still save and print material for offline use

If you prefer reading a print version of an article, don’t worry - all of our new content will be available in pdf format, with the same appearance as our previous print issues, by clicking on the icon below:

Access frequently used content easier

The right hand panel of the home page (which appears lower down the home page on a mobile device) has dedicated shortcuts to our most frequently used content – including our popular Antibiotics Guide and COPD prescribing tool.

Improved mobile display

New Zealanders are increasingly accessing the web via mobile phones. Our new design reflects this change to provide easier use and reading on a mobile device.

Find your personalised information via the menu

“My bpac” is a log-in only area of the website, intended for primary care health professionals in New Zealand. It can be accessed by registering online for a free account. Once registered you can log into “Mybpac” via the menu:

Here you will find your personalised prescribing or practice reports (if you are a primary care prescriber), educational material* such as quizzes, peer group discussions and audits and any articles and areas of clinical interest you have saved.

You can also log into “Mybpac” at the top of each article; once logged in you can add articles to your favourites (“Save”) and comment on articles:

* Did you know you can also now claim CME points for reading bpacnz material? Read how

We hope you find our new look refreshing and easy to navigate. The best way to discover how things work on the new website is to take a look around and see what we have to offer, so what are you waiting for, get clicking !

We would love to hear your comments on our new look and welcome any suggestions that may help us to make ongoing improvements. If you require help navigating the new website please contact

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