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Ten Minute Audit

Identifying your patients on lithium

This audit is designed to identify people in your practice taking lithium in order to check if they are taking potentially interacting drugs such as ACE inhibitors, diuretics or NSAIDs. We suggest discussing this with them at their next consultation as these drugs may be being prescribed by another doctor or, in the case of NSAIDs, being bought over-the-counter.

If you are using MedTech you simply complete the query builder form as shown. Select items from the box on the left and transfer them to the appropriate box on the right of the screen.

Once patients are identified we suggest you flag their notes for discussion at their next visit.

Identifying your patients on lithium Medtech 32 Query Builder


Practice audit packs (endorsed by the RNZCGP as a CQI activity for the allocation of MOPs points)
available online