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Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters

Introduction COPD POEM PDF
The COPDX Plan
Confirm diagnosis & assess severity
Optimise function
Prevent deterioration
Develop support network & self-management plan
eXacerbations manage appropriately
Review of drug use in COPD
Appendix One - Resources and contacts

The COPDX Plan

The COPDX plan has been developed by The Australian Lung Foundation and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, and can be accessed in full on the New Zealand Guidelines Group website (NZGG, 2002). A summary of the COPDX plan has been produced and circulated to practitioners in 2004.

The key components of the COPDX plan are summarised as follows:

C Confirm diagnosis & assess severity by use of spirometry and measurements of functional impairment.
O Optimise function by relief of symptoms, increasing wellbeing and reducing the number and severity of exacerbations and complications.
P Prevent deterioration by smoking cessation and reduction of exposure to other harmful inhaled fumes and particles.
D Develop support network and self-management plan.
X eXacerbations - manage appropriately and promptly.

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